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Dintofix Golden Dent Lifter Pullet Kit Model



Repair dents without costing you a lot of money

  • Dents of cars, bikes, refrigerators, washing machines or other similar metal surfaces
  • Efficiently removes dents without scratching the paint
  • Can mend dents of all sizes.
This DIY paintless dent remover kit has
  • 12 sizes of different dent-pulling tabs
  • 1 Dent-puller
  • 1 Accessory glue gun
  • 2 industrial-grade silicone glue sticks




Extra hassle


Different dent-pulling tabs

Quick Fix




Remove Dents At Home!

It is an easy-to-use device with which you can fix dents easily at your home without the hassle of visiting a workshop or paying for one.

Fixes Small & Medium-Sized Dent

Dintofix comes with Rubber Tabs of various shapes and sizes to fix dents in your car. It can fix small and medium-sized dents easily.

A Professional's Tool

It is a professional tool that garage owners and workshops can also use for repairing the car dents.

DintoFix Complete Golden Dent Lifter Pullet Kit Model 2

  • GOLDEN DENT PULLER TOOL SET: Dintofix is an easy-to-use professional car dent puller and repair kit. Using this product can help save money, time, and energy by helping you repair car dents and bumps conveniently at home. Its ingenious design makes dent removal easier as this easy-to-setup tool kit removes marks without leaving any scratches or glue.
  • DENT REMOVER TOOL FOR ALL SIZES: The paintless car dent removal tool set includes 12 rubber tabs of different sizes and shapes to ensure that dents of every size and shape get repaired. The rubber tabs' patterns provide the optimum grip that helps lift the dent and get your car back in shape in no time.
  • EASY TO USE REPAIR KIT: It is an all-in-one repair kit with an easy setup process. It comes with its glue set to aid you in the setup process. All you need is to set up the dent remover kit and use the rubber tab of the appropriate size and pull up the dent with it to remove a dent.
  • PROFESSIONAL DENT REMOVAL TOOLS FOR EVERYTHING: It is a professional-grade dent remover kit. It is designed to give an extra-strong grip on the dent surface to remove and repair dents. It is made from industrial grade premium quality material. Its smart design makes it suitable for a professional setup like garages and car workshops, and your home. You can also use DintoFix to repair dents on other metallic surfaces such as bikes, dryers, refrigerators, etc.
  • COMPLETE CAR DENT PULLER TOOL SET: It is a comprehensive dent puller toolset that includes all the tools you might need to fix your car dent. It contains one Golden Dent Puller & Lifter, 12 Rubber Tabs, 1 Glue Gun, and 2 Extra Strong Glue Sticks.
  • How to use
  • Step 1: Spot the dent and rub it clean with rubbing alcohol to eliminate any traces of dirt or oil that might hinder the adhesion.
  • Step 2: Choose the appropriate dent-pulling stamp as per the width and depth of the dent. Use multiple stamps to enable proper pop-back.
  • Step 3: After selecting the rubber stamp, heat the glue gun and apply the melted glue on the rubber stamp’s designated side.
  • Step 4: Blow on the hot glue once and stick it exactly where the main depression on your surface is to wait until the glue dries.
  • Step 5: After the glue has dried, affix the dent puller onto the rubber stamp, lock it in place and pull with one sharp movement.
  • Step 6: Repeat steps 1 to 5 if the dent is still there or is a longer one.
  • Question 1: How to get rid of residual glue?
    Answer: To get rid of the remaining glue from the dent-removal process, you can try doing two things: Try using a plastic scraper to delicately scrape off the glue without tampering with the car’s paint. 2. You can use rubbing alcohol or a mild detergent to accordingly wipe or scrub off the remaining glue from the surface of your car.
  • Question 2: Does it work on all-sized dents?
    Answer: This dent puller kit is a complete, portable, and paintless dent removing set that promises to fix any size or length dents from the surface of your fav car or motorbike quite quickly. Read the instruction manual for a more detailed overview of the dent removal and repair process.
  • Question 3: Can it fix a car’s warped body?
    Answer: DintoFix can also mend warped bodies of your locomotives or appliances. The dent puller’s efficient design makes twisting and applying the required force on the surface of your car without having to use much force. The easy-grip on the dent puller also helps you to navigate through the dents without causing more damage.