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Colt Electric Rotary Head Shaver



Comfortably trim and shave your hair and get a closer and smoother shave with an electric rotary head shaver.

  • The easiest way to trim and shave your hair.
  • Performs 5 different functions- trimming, softening, shaving, clipping nose hair, and beard shaping.
  • Comfortable to hold and shave.
  • 5 other massage heads with specific functioning.
Colt Electric Rotary Head Shaver is
  • Tried and tested
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Highly result-oriented
  • Best hair-care

5 Different

massager heads


floating head







Electric Razor & Head Shaving Machine For Beard & Head

  • FUNCTIONAL ELECTRIC RAZOR & SHAVER FOR MEN: The specially designed five-head electric shaver gives you everything needed for a perfect look. This electric shaver helps in trimming and shaping facial hair, shaving head, and beard hair, clipping nose hair, and softening stubble – giving a much cleaner look than any other electric razor or shaver. Colt’s shaving head is flexible and moves from neck to face smoothly.
  • CORDLESS AND RECHARGEABLE: Colt’s high-powered lithium batteries help the device to work cordless for up to 60 minutes with a charge time of 2 hours. Unlike any other electric razor for men, this shaver can be easily changed in a car and using a laptop and is perfect for a convenient shave.
  • FLAWLESS HEAD SHAVING MACHINE: The 5D floating head is flexible which floats throughout the head and reduces irritation. The bald head electric razor gives a clean and clear head without any dead ends. It not only provides a clear bald head but also rejuvenates the scalp.
  • EFFORTLESS USE: The ergonomic design of the device makes it comfortable to hold and provide easy shave. It can be easily carried around wherever you want. The five-headed bald head electric razor device gives the perfect look for any occasion.
  • WATER RESISTANT: The device is water-resistant which makes both wet and dry shave possible. The Head Shaving Machine can be used in the shower too. The product can be easily cleaned by detaching the blades and washing them under cold running water.
  • Product Benefits:
  • 60 Minutes Working Time/Charge
  • 2 Hours Charging Time
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes:
  • Head Shaving Machine
  • Adapter
  • Wireless charging base
  • Cleaning brush
  • Question 1:How frequently do I have to use the shaver to keep a completely cleaned look?
    Answer: : The frequency of your use will depend on the rate of your hair growth. How frequent you use it will not affect the product or your hair health. To maintain a completely bald and shaved look, you can use it once a week on an average.
  • Question 2: What do I use the brush for?
    Answer: The brush is to clean the blades. You must clean the blades before and after every use for hygiene purposes.
  • Question 3: Can I wash it with water?
    Answer: Although it is water-resistant, try not to wash the base or the ports of the product or submerge it completely as it is an electrical device to increase product life.
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