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RejuGlow Skin Therapy Machine

  • LES001
  • REDUCES WRINKLES: The RejuGlow Reinvigorating Wand helps to reverse the ageing process of the skin by treating wrinkles and making them disappear. It helps to make your skin look younger and much healthier.
  • REMOVES FINE LINES: Fine lines can make your skin look aged and make your skin tone appear uneven. The different probes of the RejuGlow Reinvigorating Wand can reduce the presence of fine lines on the face and make them disappear completely after regular use.
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM: There are five different probes that comes with the set: bend probe, mushroom probe, comb probe tongue probe and neck probe. Each probe performs different functions and is meant for different areas of the face. Using the appropriate probes for each part of the face can help completely rejuvenate and revitalise your skin.
  • QUALITY IMPROVED SKIN: The RejuGlow Reinvigorating Wand provides a drastic improvement on your skin profile. The RejuGlow is the only premium Reinvigorating Wand in the market, make the right choice.
  • ACTION: The RejuGlow Reinvigorating Wand produces oxygen pockets when it used on skin.
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