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Why Do You Need A Wig Stand?

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Why Do You Need A Wig Stand?

After purchasing your favorite wig, the next question that pops up in your mind is ‘how to maintain it?’ Because you know it’s important to keep it looking fabulous as long as possible because investing again gives a headache. You need the right storage accessories to protect it from tangling and deformation. Keeping it safe will also increase its lifespan. Besides, it gives quick access to your wig whenever you need it. 

The market size of the wig industry in the US has grown 1.4%  per year from 2016 to 2021. Here are the tops reasons why a wig stand is everything your wig is looking for.

What is a wig stand?

As the name suggests, wig stands hold and stores your wig.  It allows you to style and store it to maintain its important shape. A wig holder prevents your wig from getting detangled.

Collapsible wig stands: Many wig-wearers wear collapsible wig stands most of the time. The stand can be collapsed and stored when it is not being used. Since it is compact, you can carry it while traveling as well- fold it and thrush it inside your luggage.  Keeping your wig out of the sun is very important and a wig stand gives it a convenient place to store.

What are the advantages of a mannequin tripod stand?

A wig stand for styling

If you are a professional or a budding hairstylist, it’s so beneficial to have a wig stand for styling. If you want to achieve a precise outcome while cutting or styling a wig, then placing a wig on a wig stand helps you achieve the desired results. Another benefit is it gives your wig some time to breathe when not in use so that the wig remains usable for a very long time.

A wig stand for styling

Space savers

If you don’t have enough space in your cupboard or on your dressing table, wig stands are the way to go. It avoids unnecessary wastage of space in your room and the place looks more organized. Besides using the wig stand for wigs, you can use it to store your wig bands, hats, caps, and scarves.

It keeps the wig clean and safe: Your wigs don’t need light like you do. They detest dust, pets, and light. Storing it in a mannequin tripod stand keeps them safe. The wig remains in good shape and you don’t have to spend your time untangling it. The tripod design also prevents your wig from collecting dust and receiving sunlight.  Thus it keeps the wig fresh, new, and ready for you to wear the next day.

It keeps the wig clean and safe

Ideal for drying wigs: Wig comes with a bit of maintenance. You need to shampoo and condition it like the way you care for your hair. After shampooing, if you hang it on the shower rod, your wig gets enough ventilation to dry. You can dry it in the mannequin tripod somewhere outside your washroom and allow it for complete drying.

Ideal for drying wigs

Portable and travel-friendly: You no longer have to worry about maintaining your wig when you are traveling to another city or a country. Mannequin tripods can be easily disassembled. When they are folded, they demand less space in your bag. It comes in handy when you need to dry or wig in your hotel room.

Portable and travel-friendly

Adjustable height: The wig stands are made in such a way that they accommodate different wing lengths. You can raise or lower the stand based on the wig length and your comfort. This feature also helps your wig to remain tangle-free when not in use.

General guidelines while using/storing wigs

Clean it before you use it: Nobody wants to wear dirty clothes. The same goes for dirty wigs too. Keeping your wig clean is very essential to maintain its quality. Clean your wig before using it and after wearing it.  Do not wear a wig when it is damp as it attracts more dust and mold.

Keep it out of the direct sun: Though wigs can withstand a lot, there’s still a need to avoid certain things. To maintain its longevity, avoid storing it in direct sunlight and hot areas. Sunlight can dull the color and may even break hair strands. So when you wear it, not only will it have a faded color but also it looks dull and weak.

Keep it out of the direct sun

Stock up on hairnet: You need to invest in some good quality hair net to maintain the wig’s style while it is not in use. Hairnet will encourage the wig to stay in place.

Stock up on hairnet

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