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How To Deal With The Pain Associated With Flat Feet

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
How To Deal With The Pain Associated With Flat Feet

According to doctors and genetic engineers, the adult population’s percentage to experience flat feet is around 20 to 30 percent. If not ‘flat feet,’ people with low arches are quite prevalent. To put things in simple terms, you will find 1 in 5 people to almost 1 in 3 people to be flat feet or to have a low arch. These are good enough to show that you're not the only one with such a feature as the person next to you might have the same features and, thus, similar experiences.

Along with flat feet and low arch, the pain associated with such a feature is quite common as well. But that doesn't explain the pain associated with it. 

Before we talk about the causes of the pain, let us talk about how to deal with pain first.

Things To Do To Tackle The Pain

Wear Proper Shoes 

If you want to enjoy long walks without your hips and calf muscles paying the price, proper footwear is a must. Your feet are like a tripod, balancing out your body weight in three of its spots. With flat feet, the balance gets disturbed (more on this later). But if you do not wear proper footwear, you kind of purposely add on to your own problems creating an issue that is far more serious.

So, you will need proper shoes with well-designed arch support that buffers the impact of your footsteps, helps your calf muscles and soles carry your weight, and helps in keeping your body aligned properly. Sadly, this for some people means goodbye foot fashion. Keep in mind that if you have low feet arch, especially for those with flat feet, getting proper footwear is a must.

Wear Proper Shoes

Get Regular Foot Spa & Massage

With your feet not being able to distribute your bodyweight equally and your insoles badly bearing the impact of your every step- your heels, leg tendons, and calf muscles are bound to get tired and sore. The best way to relieve yourself of such pain or, even better, prevent such pain is to enjoy a foot massage and a foot spa.

Invest in a well-designed foot spa massager. This will help you enjoy relaxing foot spa and massage at home frequently, relieving your feet muscle tensions and relaxing your otherwise tensed soles. Soak your feet in the foot spa massager to relax your feet while you enjoy a foot spa, and it massages your soles.

Get Regular Foot Spa & Massage

Got a stiff neck? Here’s what you need to do:

Practice Stretching Exercises

Most people with flat feet have the problem of their feet rolling inwards with every step they take. This leads to your calf muscles getting tighter with time and eventually getting soles. Your foot soles and muscle tendons too take a toll.  

So, it is important that you relax all the tension and tightness of your feet and calf muscles with some basic stretching exercises. This will relieve the pain and also prevent injuries in the future.

Practice Stretching Exercises

Cause Of Pain 

Consider your foot to be a tripod, with your toes ideally being the two contact points and your heel to be the third. To be considered a ‘tripod,’ your feet need to have three points of contact with the ground. These three points provide you with stability and balance. The arch of your foot also contributes to the tripod’s proper positioning and ensures that the ‘setup’ is maintained.

But with the absence of an arch in the feet, it gets difficult to maintain the tripod position. With the tripod not being stable, it makes you shift the entire pressure to the inside of the foot or the heel. This imbalance and poor stance is what causes the pain as you have to carry your body weight in an improper way. In simple terms, screwed-up biomechanics is the cause of your pain.

But hey, this isn't something over which you can think ‘why me.’ Rather, flat feet or low arch is something most people are born with while others develop over time. That being said, not all flat feet are symptomatic, and neither does all of them require treatment. So as long as you don't have an issue, you

 can sit back and relax, but if you do face problems, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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