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Does Your Kid Need A Mouth Guard? Check The Signs Here

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Does Your Kid Need A Mouth Guard? Check The Signs Here

Before we give you the answer to whether your kid needs to wear a mouth guard or not, let’s look at a few statistics and data first:

  • As per the data provided by Dental Care, more than 5 million teeth are pulled out each year, mostly during sports activities which get each year’s global expenditure on dental procedures to replace those teeth over $500 million.   
  • Reports from the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) states that 13-39% of the dental injuries were sports-related.
  • Of those, 2-18% of the injuries related to the jaw or face.
  • The major cause of sports-related injuries is that, even though some sports like football advise players to wear protective guards like mouth guards, only 7% of participants wear them.

If you are still wondering if your kid needs to wear a mouthguard, we have another interesting study-based fact for you. In 1962, it was mandated that the student participants from the high school and collegiate football team should wear face guards and mouth guards during practice season and competitions. After this mandated order, surveys confirmed that the incidents of facial injuries suffered during football sessions dropped significantly from 50% to 0.5%.

But wait, there’s more! 

Mouthguards aren’t just meant to be used as protective guards on a football field! They are much more than that and have multiple functions. 

Dental Mouths As A Sports Protective Wear

As we said, using a mouth guard isn't just limited to the football field only. Many sports and athletic events have mandated the use of mouth guards. Heavy body contact sports like basketball, hockey, ice hockey, boxing, etc., recovery procedure’s financial burden have players wearing mouthguards to protect their teeth and jaw from a sports injury. This saves the players from the excruciating pain of broken teeth or chipped tooth and the financial burden of the recovery procedure.

Dental Mouths As A Sports Protective Wear

Dental Guards Against Bruxism

While mouth guards are used in sports, they do much more than protecting the player’s teeth from external sports injuries. Due to stress, anxiety, and tension, most players start clenching their teeth to deal with the game’s mental stress. 

This often leads to swollen gum, chipped tooth, and damaged enamel. If things don't feel that severe at first, the habit of clenching teeth also loosens your teeth, making them prone to falling off. 

Dental guards or mouth guards act as a physical barrier between your jaws, thus preventing your upper teeth and lower jaw from brushing against each other.

Dental guards are effective against bruxism as well, which happens to be the involuntary habit of grinding your teeth. Rather dental guards or mouth guards are considered to be the best way to treat involuntary dental habits like bruxism and nighttime teeth clenching. 

Dental Guards Against Bruxism

Dental Guards As Teeth Whitening Tray

There’s another splendid use of dental guards- teeth whitening. If you intend to whiten your teeth with teeth whitening gels, mouth guards are your perfect tool. Most teeth whitening gels have a long application time and are meant to be kept overnight. 

With those kinds of teeth whitening gels, you will need to pour them in the dental mouth guards as they serve as a teeth whitening tray and then wear them overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is take the mouthguard off and rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth to enjoy the effects of a teeth whitening gel.

So now that you know why your needs a mouthguard and how you too can use one, its time we tell you a bit about the different types of mouthguards to help you make an informed purchase: 

Dental Guards As Teeth Whitening Tray

Which Mouthguard will be more effective for your kids?

  • In-Office Mouthguard: You can get these mouth guards only from a dentist’s office as they are custom made as per your teeth measurements.
  • Over The Counter Mouth Guards: These are the mouthguards that are readily available in shops but come in one size only.
  • Re-Moldable Mouthguards: They have the best features of the mouth guards listed above. You can reshape them as per your teeth arrangement, and they are cheap as they do not require a prescription.


Now that you know why your kid needs a mouthguard and what kind of mouthguards are available in the market, it's time you make an informed decision and save your kid from dental injuries.

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