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5 Personal Care Needs Of Men That No One Talks About

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
5 Personal Care Needs Of Men That No One Talks About

In 2019, the global men’s personal care market was valued at 47.5 billion US dollars. With a compound annual growth rate of 6%, the market is expected to expand from 2020 to 2027.

Realizing the trend and rise in demand, back in May 2018, the Target retail group decided to add a men’s grooming section especially to cater to men’s personal care needs, including beauty, cosmetics, skin, and hair care in eleven of its stores.

Although this steep rise and expansion in the market are due to the increase in health-related concerns. Increased awareness about body image, self-grooming, and hygiene too has played a crucial role in such a steep expansion.

But still, it doesn't take away the fact that there are several men’s personal care, grooming, and hygiene needs which most people don't talk about since they are taboo or an embarrassment. But it’s time we talk about it. Read till the end to know about a man’s personal care and hygiene issues and the products that can help you or your man.

Prickly Beard: Have you ever brushed your hand against your cheeks only to feel your beard being too rough? Imagine the embarrassment of someone hugging you, only to feel the same.

Well, you might sport a clean-shaven look, but it isn't obviously clean enough. You should try electric shavers that get their blades close to the skin for a closer and cleaner finish while making sure that you do not cut yourself.

Prickly Beard

Smelly Feet: When it comes to personal hygiene, most men forget or intentionally ignore their feet. And then they face their embarrassing moments when they have to take off their shoes. With your feet sweating continuously and the dirt clogging up the skin pores, along with the fact that your feet tend to be covered by shoes and socks most of the time, there’s a lot of bacterial growth in your feet. To free your feet from the bacteria and bad odor, use Zircon’s foot spa massager. It pampers your feet and makes your stress go away. This 2-in-1 foot massager is an ideal need for every man.

Smelly Feet

Stained Teeth: Your first impressions speak volumes about you, and a smile can make things a lot easier for you. These saying and advice are quite common. But have you wondered if your stained teeth are the reason behind your awkward encounters where people keep staring at your teeth? Also, stained teeth speak volumes about your personal hygiene routine, not in a good way.

Stained Teeth

But hey, we are not judging. We know that a dental stain can be more than just because of forgotten teeth brushing routine. Well, if there are problems, there are remedies as well. You can try teeth whitening strips to remove such stains and enjoy the whiter and brighter shade of teeth.

If you want to read more about how to maintain your white teeth and which food items causes your teeth to stain, Click Here

If you want to read more about how to maintain your white teeth and which food items causes your teeth to stain, click here

Unkempt Hair & Beard: If you have the patience of growing a beard, you deserve to show it off. But before you do, don't you want to make sure that your beard looks well maintained and groomed? Or how about maintaining the beard for yourself and providing it with the necessary nutrients so that it becomes healthier.

Unkempt Hair & Beard

Say goodbye to those days where an odd beard strand would ruin your entire look. Use proper beard straightening comb and beard balm to keep your beard in shape and maintain the look you always wanted. You can also use this comb on your hair and get a stylish look for yourself.

Loud Snores: Let’s talk about the embarrassing bits. Have you ever been the laughing stock of your sleepover party just because of your snoring habits? It’s something serious and something you should pay attention to.

Loud Snores

Get a well-designed hygienic nose vent for yourself and say goodbye to such awkward moments. The nose vents are meant to open up your nostrils and prevent blockages in the airways, which would have otherwise led to snoring.

Pay attention to these personal care needs yourself, and save yourself from awkward or embarrassing encounters. Or if you know a man who needs these ‘wake up’ calls, feel free to share this link with him.

These are just a few to name.

There are a lot of other personal care products available in the market that can be of great use. Click here to read about them.

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