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6 Amazing Tips To Keep The Summer Pests Out Of Your Garden

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
6 Amazing Tips To Keep The Summer Pests Out Of Your Garden

Summer is that one good time where all of the hibernation animals - including the pests come outside and drool. If you were having a tough time during the Christmas season dealing with pests and their menace, the summer has more of it for you. One common area that could be an infestation site to most of the pests is your outdoor space. The outdoor space could be your gardens, backyards, balconies and even your terrace. Getting rid of summer pests is really easy, All that you need are some of the right pest control hacks. Before you get to learn about the tips and tricks to get rid of them, here are some of the summer pests that could be a pain in your throat, but need no magic wand to get repelled. 


Types Of Summer Pests You Could Find In Your Garden

There could be any kid of summer pests visiting your garden, but the most common ones are these. Read about how they could trouble you and be harmful. 

  • Rats - None of you want to have a rat attacking your home, but the most common summer pest that can invade your garden and eventually get into your home is the rat. Rats love your garden because of your garden’s damp floor and easy access to food. The clutter and garbage bins in your outdoor space is an added advantage for them to visit your space. Apart from spreading infectious diseases, rats and mice can eat the roots of your plant and also bite your dogs.


  • Mosquitoes - It is proven that most of the mosquitoes breed in the outdoor gardens of your home because of the stagnant water here near the plants. Along with this, most of the male mosquitoes reside in the garden areas and outdoor spaces of your home and can be very troublesome to your dogs and kids. The common dengue and malaria occur in more numbers because of them.


  • Ticks - Apart from all the tiny bugs and beetles in the ground, the one common pest that is found along with them are ticks. Your garden is sure to house many ticks on the lawn grass or in the forgotten cracks and holes in the building if you have dogs.The ticks feed on blood - not just the blood of your dogs, but on your blood too. There are many cases of children getting infected reported every year and this is the reason.


  • Spiders - Spiders are another annoying pests who could be dangerous if poisonous. These arachnids love the calm gardens and also the cluttered backyards. They lay cobwebs to trap other insects and breed in the tiniest cracks and holes in your walls. If ignored, they will make your space look spooky before halloween.


  • Bees - Are your gardens filled with flowers? You are sure to have bees visiting then. Bees can be ignored unless they come in colonies and build their beehives on your building. They could sting you, your little ones and even your dogs and can be very dangerous.


  • Lizards - Lizards come to catch the other tiny pests, but if they happen to sneak inside your kitchen, then they can be eating away all of your fruits and even groceries. Lizards are not harmful but you would surely resist a slimy one from your sight if you hate them. 


These are the most common garden pests that you can feel is hard to get rid of. Here are some natural tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your gardens, backyards or any outdoor spaces pest free without any synthetic pest control products. 

Tips To Get Rid Of Summer Pests From Your Garden

  • Decluttering is important -  The first thing you should be doing is to declutter. Your backyards, garages and even your gardens at times are filled with unnecessary stuff and plants. You need to remove all the junk and clear all the unwanted plants from your outdoor space. By doing this, you are getting rid of most of the places of pest infestation that the pests can probably live in.

Decluttering is important

  • Trim the lawn - The next thing you need to do is to destroy the house or breeding sites of most of the pests. Yes, it is your lawn. The untrodden lawn in your garden can house many eggs and nits of the ticks, bugs and even the spiders. The longer the lawn grass, the more the pest infestation. Trim your lawn grass regularly and always keep it short.

Trim the lawn

  • Close the cracks and holes - The floor of your garden is mostly damp and this can tempt the pests like rodents, mice and moles to dig their burrows. Regular and thorough checks of the garden is very important and close and seal not just these burrows, but also the holes and cracks in the walls.

Close the cracks and holes

  • Never let a pest home stay for long - Never let a beehive or a wasp home unattended. Always make sure you use protective suits and break down these houses. Clear away the cobwebs too. The bees, wasps and other pests whose homes you have destroyed will feel unsafe to stick in your garden and will go away.

Never let a pest home stay for long

  • Grow pest repellent plants - You might have all the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden but growing pest repellent plants keeps your garden, your pests and your kids extra protected and safe. Some examples of pest repellent plants could be peppermint, catnip, lavender and even basil. If you have spaces to grow trees in your garden, do not miss growing the neem and the eucalyptus trees.

Grow pest repellent plants

  • Use a good outdoor spray - The things that you need to keep in mind when you get an outdoor spray is that the spray needs to be long-lasting, weather resistant, naturally composed, safe for kids and pets, and also effective. There are many such sprays available at our store. Get one for your garden and knockout all the pests from your land. 

Use a good outdoor spray

These are some of the most amazing pest repellent tips and tricks to keep the pests out during summer. 

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