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Life Lessons To Learn Before You Hit 30

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Life Lessons To Learn Before You Hit 30

Knock Knock. You, yes YOU! If you’re soon approaching the 30-mark or you’re already a little above, it’s okay. Are you overwhelmed with emotion? Is peer pressure still something you have to deal with once your cross the 30-something threshold? There are so many nuances that life throws at us, which we haven’t learned how to deal with! What did we know in all those formative years of school?

Well, no matter what your age is, feeling like there’s more to life is that sense of hope to hold on to, for dear life, we might add! Here are some of the top lessons to learn before you hit 30 or a little later too:


Walk into a room like you own the place, or advice like Fake it till you make it have more depth in them than we give credit for! The best tips and tricks to boost your confidence levels are to start thinking a little better about yourself. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Stop the negative self-talk.
  • Say yes to trying new things/ opportunities.
  • Journal about your feelings and feel proud of yourself for being able to identify them!
  • Maybe get a makeover? Haircut or wardrobe change, go all the way!
  • Stop talking bad about others too!
  • Go on a mini solo trip!

Without confidence, no amount of talent in the world looks good! To harness your skills, hard work, and inner peace, confidence is a master key for all the mind ‘b-locks’ in your head! 


Face The Things You FEAR!

Great opportunity and happiness lie at the other end of your fear. What is FEAR anyway? It’s something irrational and overthought expansion of your own weird beliefs, most of which aren’t even true! Your fears are the ways you abandon self-care and embrace negativity.

Now, why would you do that to yourself?

Face each of your fears with tiny baby steps. Afraid of heights? Climb a five-storey building and peek down for 10 seconds! Are you afraid to apply for the fantastic job you know is PERFECT for you? Just take a mini-step and edit your resume; the rest will follow!

It’s that easy. Break down your fear, and things will all be downstream from there!

Face The Things You FEAR!

Quit People PLEASING!

What do you do for your happiness the minute you wake up in the morning? If you’re thinking of doing this or calling that one, you’re probably doing it wrong. Imagine you have a cup with a hole at the bottom and keep pouring your black coffee into it? All that’s going to happen is your clothes, carpets, and feet will be swimming in coffee! With stains, you cannot get rid of! 

That’s what happens mentally when all you want to do is people-please. Live a life that fills your cup, a cup with no holes at the very least! What people think of you is their problem; you do your thing, boo. Stop some of these automated reactions:

  • Looking at your social media as soon as you wake up!
  • Saying YES when you feel like saying NO!
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because of the ‘approval’ disease!
  • Stop hanging out with selfish energy vampires. Again, say NOOOO! 

Quit People PLEASING!

Health Is Really WEALTH!

Okay, we’re not here to preach! But, hear this, your 20’s is the IDEAL time to prepare for your body’s health for the years to come! The 20s are an age where nothing much can go wrong, so overloading may seem normal. Sugar, alcohol, fried food, or just some good ol’ fashioned couch potato syndrome; it WILL cost you a minute or two after you hit 30. In some small way or the other! 

All the damage comes as headaches, backaches, moodiness, tiredness, negativity, and whatnot! If you want to stay high vibe, strike a balance between indulging and exercising. That middle sweet spot of moderation is the greatest gift you can give yourself before 30!

Health Is Really WEALTH!

Save AND Invest

Party on your weekends but budget right before! The art of moderation we talked about earlier? YES! It matters here too! If you want a future of comfort and relaxation, we suggest you embrace the stage where your financials need to be looked into! 

Save at least 10-15% and invest 5-10% of your income in a fund or deposit! 

Also, when it comes to investing, learn to invest in experiences, not just things! Have a bucket list and learn more, meet new people, travel to the places you’ve always wanted to! Don’t just sit and watch your life go by! 

You hear?

Save AND Invest

It’s OKAY to Quit

Giving your all and still not seeing results is part and parcel of life, no matter the age. You may not understand it now,  but success and failure are in the mindset. Failing/ giving up AFTER you have given you 100% is in itself a test—a test of patience. Something you will need a LOT of for future years. 

So, stay grateful, count your blessings and call it quits on a relationship going nowhere, or give up on a diet that’s doing more harm than good! You get the picture! 

It’s OKAY to Quit

Just be genuine; after all, life is just a stage, and we’re all actors! Mr. Shakespeare had it down centuries ago; I don’t see why we’re struggling! Look beyond your worries, and you’ll see the solution!

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