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Dos and Donts While Planning a Vacation

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Dos and Donts While Planning a Vacation

Summer’s here, and some travel restrictions are off! Well, this blog is to use WHENEVER you decide to go on that much-needed adventure! Okay, so here’s the deal; whether you’re traveling alone, with a group of friends/ family, or in just plain luxury, this is a helpful guide to keep your journey filled with fun so that the last-minute planning does not get in the way of the fun!

Did you know that domestic and international travelers’ spending on leisure travel was a total whopping $792.4 billion in 2019 in the US! WOW! Traveling makes an economy richer than you’d expect! 

So, let’s be good citizens of the world and help economies scale with this uber-fun do’s and don'ts travel guide: 

Psst... Stick with us till the end!

Choosing the Destination:

What to do: Are you someone who gets carried away by what advertisements have to offer without doing enough research of the place you’re planning to visit? Well, don’t fret! Look out for these pointers:

  • Read some online news articles on the place.
  • Note the important tourist attractions and spots.
  • Check the local laws and safety regulations of the place.
  • Look for inspiration! Movies, Pinterest, Instagram, and decide the place!

What not to do: The same reasons you choose a place may be the exact reasons someone else may avoid visiting! To this, we say: ‘To Each His Own!’ One main thing to make sure of is to check with the local laws, customs, and culture and see if you’re okay with the certain restrictions the place imposes. 

Also, there’s a particular joy in not having to prepare and just explore for the sake of exploring! Just keep yourself out of any unnecessary trouble!

Choosing the Destination

Mode of Transportation:

What to do: Choosing the suitable mode of transport is paramount to the perfect travel experience. Look up travel routes, and take suggestions from your friends and family if they’ve visited the place before. Here’s what else you can do:

  • Talk to a travel company/ agency.
  • Try to book your flights early on for a reasonable price.
  • Lookup google flights for reasonable rates.
  • Search for train, metro, and even bus routes within the city for internal travel.
  • Find a car agency to rent a car once you reach the place.

What not to do: Here’s what you should NOT do:

  • Put too much pressure on yourself.
  • Asking too many people and getting confused about suggestions.
  • Leaving transport considerations for the last minute.
  • Booking last-minute flights is a big NO-NO!

Mode of Transportation

Finding the Perfect Place To Stay:

What to do: Look out for these pointers when you’re planning your perfect hotel/ room to stay on your vacation:

  • Opt for Airbnb’s; they are something else. Call the property owner and get the facts sorted beforehand.
  • Choose to make a booking via a curated hotel booking app.
  • Take suggestions from friends and family and stay where they stayed, to play it extra safe.
  • Be flexible and don’t have too many mind blocks about trying new options.
  • Look for themes: romantic hotels, beach-side hotels, luxury villas, and then conduct the search based on your essential requirements.

What not to do: NEVER do these things:

  • Leaving hotel booking for the last minute.
  • Booking your hotel without considering the area and closeness to tourist spots.
  • Listening to suggestions blindly without cross checking.
  • Paying the whole amount if you’re unsure of the hotel/ room service’s safety and security.

Finding the Perfect Place To Stay

Planning the Itinerary:

What to do: This can be a tricky spot. Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Look for local blogs and location tags on social media.
  • Try new travel apps for the best suggestions.
  • Ask friends and family for their old trip plans.
  • Create your own fun itinerary with the help of your friends, have a cafe sit-down, and go for it. Use an old fashioned map of the city you’re traveling to and kill it!
  • Wing it once you get there, stay safe, of course, and have some back-up plan!

What not to do:

  • Don’t stick just to tourist attractions.
  •  Playing it safe is not even an option. Branch out and try new things.
  • Don’t trust guidebooks as they’re old and not updated.
  • Not doing your research and just listening to suggestions can be dangerous.

Planning the Itinerary

LASTLY, The Packing!

What to do: Here’s a mental checklist of everything you HAVE TO DO or pack:

  • PASSPORT. Always. Especially for foreign travel, duh.
  • Check the weather of your destination, pack accordingly.
  • Have a safety kit, ALWAYS.
  • Take extra face masks (for those who survived the 2019-2020-2021 pandemic, y’all know!)
  • Check flight regulations and pack according to that; you don’t want to be detained unnecessarily.
  • Always pack a set of extra inners.
  • Take your swimsuit; you won’t be sorry.
  • Take a GoPro; you will NOT regret it!
  • Make a group and decide better together!

What not to do: Just two cardinal sins to avoid:

  • Packing last minute.
  • Not having a packing checklist.

LASTLY, The Packing

There you go! Once you reach your destination, all you must do is look forward to having the best time EVER! There can be some surprises and curveballs, but you’ll know how to handle it since you already dealt with the most crucial planning details! Here’s to having the best vacation of your dreams!

Stay Wanderlusty!

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