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Tips To Make Your Toddler Walk

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Tips To Make Your Toddler Walk

Watching your little one grow is the most fulfilling thing to do ever. The most priceless moment you would be waiting for is to watch your little one take their first steps. The ideal age for the little ones to walk is between nine to fifteen months. The walking completely varies from one kid to another and depends on the strength of muscles, growth and other such factors. If you are having a little crawling kid at home who is yet to take their first steps, here are some tips and parenting ideas to provoke and help your child to walk. 

Tip 1

Stop Carrying Your Child Always - It might be a habit for you to carry your little one always, but let them be independent. Carry them only when they want you too. Let them free on the floor or your bed so that they can start trying to stand by themselves and reach out to their toys. This will make them try to take a few steps on their own and eventually make them walk.

Stop Carrying Your Child Always

Tip 2

Keep The Floor Free Of ObstaclesWhen your little one is planning to walk, keep the floor or the bed free of obstacles. You will never know how many times your baby could trip and fall in the process of learning to walk. Keep the floor area wide open and free of any table edges that can be dangerous to your little one. 

Keep The Floor Free Of Obstacles

Tip 3

Get A Head And Back Protection Pillow - Kids have a tendency to fall backwards while trying to walk or even stand. They might be hurting their back or head while you are not around. The best way to keep them safe is to use a soft helmet for head protection or a head safety bag that is very light in weight. The bag comes in the form of a pillow. Some kids do not try walking because they are afraid of falling. The best way to make them start walking is by making them walk on a carpeted area or on your bed in the initial days. This will save them from falling and being scared of having a fall. 

Get A Head And Back Protection Pillow

Tip 4

Get Some Musical Shoes - Studies have shown and proven that bare feet will stimulate a child to walk. Children love to explore the different textures such as the cold floor, the rough or soft carpet, and more. However, not all the kids would love to explore the floor. The other way to provoke kids and attract them to walk is by getting them a pair of light or musical shoes. The beep shoes that come with some sound makers when your kid walks attract them to walk very well. 

Get Some Musical Shoes

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Tip 5

Get Push And Pull Toys - A lot of push and pull toys that come with strings so that your child can hold on and pull the toy is a great deal if you are having a baby who is trying to walk. Get a pulling dog, cat, duck, or any animal toy that is of your child’s favorite and encourage your little one to take it on walks. This will stimulate your kid to get up on their own and walk. You can also place your child's favorite toy on the floor and encourage your child to walk to it and pick it up. You can also get your little one a walker toy that blows bubbles when your little one pushes and pulls it. With all of this, your little one will quickly take their footsteps.

Get Push And Pull Toys

Tip 6

Strengthen The Core Muscles - Your child’s muscles are in a developing stage when they are trying to walk. The hips, legs and the core need to be strong so that your child gets enough support. A lot of massage sessions and exercises will help in making the muscles in this area strong. The best way to make the core muscles stronger is to encourage your child to sit on a stool or a chair of a low height so that your little one can place his feet on the floor very easily. With this, the child will automatically have stronger legs and walk well.

Strengthen The Core Muscles

Tip 7 - 

Let Your Little One Climb Stairs - Letting your child who crals climb the stairs at your home is another great way to strengthen your child’s muscles and make it easy for them to stand up easily. The climbing movements that your child does on the stairs give your little one an idea of how to take the first footsteps and walk. However, this must be done when you are around and you need to make sure that your child will not be able to go near the stairs in your absence. 

Let Your Little One Climb Stairs

Tip 8 -

Get The Right Walking Support - One of the most essential items for your crawling baby in your shopping list is a walker or a walking support. There are a lot of walkers  and musical toys that you can buy for your little one. Avoid the walkers and walking support that has a lot of activities. This will make your child less focussed on walking and more focussed on the music ans activities. Get a normal walker or a bubble blowing walker that makes bubbles when your little one holds it and walks. 

Get The Right Walking Support

These are the most important tips and tricks that will easily make your little one walk easily. Always remember to ensure that there is some adult monitoring your little one as they are taking the first baby steps. Above all, stop getting panicked if your little one is not walking unless he is more than eighteen months. With all of this, you can worry less and enjoy this milestone of your little one.

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