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Tips To Develop Finger Grip In Toddlers

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Tips To Develop Finger Grip In Toddlers

Have you heard of many parents complaining that their children love to do everything but not write? Studies and development experts say that kids need to start writing from the age of four years. However, many kids do not succeed in holding the pencil or even cry when asked to write. This happens because of the lack of finger grip skill practice that ideally needs to happen when the kids are two and a half or three years old. Without fine motor grip, the children will never be able to write and will start hating to write. If you are a parent of a child who belongs to the age group between two and five years of age, here are some tips that will help you improve your little ones fine and gross motor skills.

  • Do Not Discard The Bubble Wraps - Bubble warps are fun to burst and your little ones can improve their finger strength with it. You might get bubble wraps with the delivery packages at your home. Encourage your little ones to play with it and have fun. This will make the fingers strong and will definitely improve their finger grip. 

Do Not Discard The Bubble Wraps

  • Get The Right Toys - Toys that implement the use of fingers such as kid’s drum set, piano set, and more can be got for you kids. You can also pick some toys like strings and beads, bolts and nuts and other such toys that involve the use of fingers. Suh toys make the finger strong and the grip perfect. 

Get The Right Toys

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  • Make Them Write On Vertical Surfaces - It is good to ask your children to write in a book laid on the desk, but vertical surfaces will make it easier for them. Get a board attached in their room or a mirror hung to their height. Encourage them to write and draw strokes with an erasable marker pen. This will make their fingers strong and improve their handwriting. If you are planning to encourage them, ask them to pretend and play like a teacher and you be their student. 

Make Them Write On Vertical Surfaces

  • The Smaller, The Better - Long pencils make your little ones feel that writing is very tedious. Always give them smaller ones to write and practice with. The chalks that you give your child to write with also need to be broken into two halves before your child to make it easy for your little ones to hold and write with.

The Smaller, The Better

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  • A Pair Of Safety Scissors Will Help - Using a pair of scissors is the best way to make the fingers of your little children strong and improve their finger grip. However, you need to make sure that your little one uses safety scissors only. Get some fun scissors that cut the paper in different patterns and encourage your child to make a greeting or even a paper photo frame. Remember to always have parental supervision for your child.

A Pair Of Safety Scissors Will Help

  • Have a sand table at home. Sand can be the best mind soothing element for your kids and your child will also love to make some patterns using their fingers. If you have some space in the outdoor area, do not think twice in getting your child a sand table. Join along as your child uses his fingers to make patterns and strokes in the sand. You can also introduce them to line patterns and slowly alphabet patterns too. 

Have a sand table at home

The Don’ts That You Need To Follow 

  • Stop comparing your child with other children. Each child takes his or her own time to learn and practice. 
  • Do not force your child to write. In case he does not want to write, give him his time to come up to you.
  • Do not be a strict parent. Make your child write by playing some writing games with them.
  • Do not forget to inculcate the pre writing skills in your children before they start to write. 
  •  If you have a toddler at home, get the fat crayons that can improve their finger grip. Say no to pencils as they can hurt themselves.
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