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Tips To Build Your Childs Gross Motor Skills

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Tips To Build Your Childs Gross Motor Skills

As first time moms or dads, you would be hearing other parents and even the teachers speaking about gross motor skills. Well, the fine and gross motor skills are very essential to see if your little one is growing holistically. Just like how you check on the nutrition, it is very important to see if your child has these skills acquired at the right time and does not lag behind. What gross motor skills are? Get to know everything about it in the blog here.

What Exactly Is Gross Motor Skill? 

Gross motor skills are the set of basic developmental skills that your child has to show. A two year old toddler has to sit, stand and walk on their own. By the time the child reaches three or three and a half years, the hand and eye coordination, finger grip, running and object manipulation must be perfect. When your child reaches the age of four, they must be doing all of these things including writing well. All of these are gross motor skills.

Gross Motor Skill

What Causes A Delay In Gross Motor Skills?

There are a lot of factors that cause a delay in the development of gross motor skills in your child. Some of the most common reasons that make your child lag behind are listed here.

  • Premature birth - The gestation period of a woman is nine months. There may be many health issues or accidental situations that will trigger preterm labour in many women. If a child is born prematurely before nine months of the gestation period, there are more chances of such kids having slow growth and development.
  • Autism - Autism is one of the major factors that can bring down the fine motor and gross motor skills in children. The cases of autism have been rising because of the mother’s poor health, diet and habits. 
  • Genetic disorders - There are many genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome and more causing delay in the development of fine and gross motor skills of a child. Sometimes, the growth an be retarded becaue of neuromuscular disorders too.
  • Lack of activities - Keeping all the medical conditions aside, there could be a delay in the development of gross motor skills in your little one if kids are not allowed to run, play, and most importantly explore. Many parents are okay with the kids staying indoors and watching a lot of television shows. This can make them physically inactive and hamper their development and growth. 

Pro Tips To Improve Gross Motor Skills In Kids:

As a parent, you really can grow impatient and compare your little ones to other kids of their age. Before you even think of something like that, remember that each child has their own place of development and take their own time. If you really feel that there is a delay in growth, take a suggestion of the same from the doctor. Meanwhile, here are some pro tips for you as parents. 

  • Massage works - Massaging your little ones body with a good baby body massage oil has a lot of benefits for your little one. A massage under the early sunlight with one of the best oils can trigger blood circulation, boost the cell production and make the limbs of your little one strong. The joints will also become flexible. 
  • Swimming - The best way to strengthen your little one’s muscles and bones and make it stronger is to put them for swimming classes. Get the best trainer for your child, get the float accessories and put them in water. Swimming not just helps in the development of gross motor skills, but keeps your child feeling flexible and refreshed. 
  • Dance - Does your child hate swimming or is too small to swim in the water? Let your child dance till they drop. This does not need any dance class. You can just put on their favourite rhymes and music and move and groove with them.Dancing makes them balance better and improves the body coordination.
  • Outdoor activities - It could be setting up an obstacle course or even planning an outdoor game. Any form of outdoor games like boxing, running, catching a ball and more can make your little one improve on the finger grip, coordination and balance. 
  • Baby yoga -  Simple stretches and exercises including baby yoga is a great way to start the day with your little one. Apart from these things, you can give some simple instructions for your little one to get you a bowl, place the television remote on the table, pick up the ball from the floor and more.  With this, your little one can practice the best  way to balance and coordinate.

Pro Tips To Improve Gross Motor Skills In Kids

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Toys That Can Trigger Your Child's Gross Motor Skills

The toys that can trigger the development of gross motor skills are many. Here are a few ideas for you.

  • Boxing set - Which child doesn't want to punch a boxing bag? You can give your little one a boxing bag set that comes with a pair of gloves and watch his eyes and hands coordinate as he strengthens his muscles.
  • Trampoline - If you have a wide outdoor space, get a trampoline set up outside. Jumping on the trampoline strengthens your little one’s core muscles and makes them balance well.
  • Cycle - There is no better exercise for the feet and legs than cycling. Get your child a tricycle if he is too small and a bicycle with support wheels if your child is two years and up. This will make their feet and legs stronger and improve the hand grip too. Besides this, your little one will improve the mind and body coordination. 

Toys That Can Trigger Your Child's Gross Motor Skills

These are the useful tips that you as a parent can try to improve your little ones gross motor skills. Try them and watch them grow stronger and smarter.

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