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Summer Activities For Kids During Summer

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Summer Activities For Kids During Summer

Who wants to stay indoors during summer? While summer is too hot this year and the pandemic has restricted most of us from visiting many places and meeting many people, it is not really surprising that the kids will get bored easily. If you are planning to free your kids from their boredom, here are some amazing activities that you could be trying. 

Summer Activities Never Like Before

  • Paint What You Hunt - Is your little one bored of painting on papers? Here is what you could be doing. You could probably join your kid and plan a treasure hunt in your garden and your backyard. Collect the leaves and the stones that look quite unusual and different. Wash then and then let your children reveal their artistic creations by painting the leaves and stones. To make it more interesting, you can give your children a theme like a dino park  or even the ocean animals and watch them paint wonders.

Paint What You Hunt

  • Make a bird feed box - Do you feel owning a pet at home could be a huge responsibility, but your children say that they need a pet? Get some beautiful birds visiting your home every single day. The scorching heat makes the birds in the sky feel very tired and thirsty. You can be their savior by building a bird feed next. Use a carton box and a plastic recyclable water bottle. Cut the water bottle into two equal parts vertically and fit it into the carton box. Kee the top side of the box open for the birds to rest. Fill water in one of the halves of the bottle and food grains in the other half. Place this perch box on the branch of one of the trees that you can view from your window. Your kids will have bird visitors coming every single day and this will keep your little ones inclined towards bird watching. 

Make a bird feed box

  • Make your garden a butterfly park - Heard of butterfly parks? You will not have to travel or pay the entry fee of one such park. You can make your own garden or backyard a butterfly garden. For this, you and your kids will need a green thumb and some patience levels. Plant some flowering plants that have flowers producing too much nectar. Grow such plants in your garden and give your little one the responsibility to water them every single day. This will keep your kids busy and also attract butterflies to the garden. In less than a month, you will be having the butterflies of all colors visiting you, and if you are lucky enough, you kids will watch the caterpillar form a pupa and then break open into a beautiful butterfly. 

Make your garden a butterfly park

Backyard toys are the best options for you to keep your kids engaged and occupied throughout the summer breaks. Here is a list of backyard toys you can bring home to make your children happy and physically fit: Backyard Toys For Your Kids To End Boredom Days

  • A backyard camping is never old school - You would have done this when you were a kid and your children can do it too. Since outdoor camping and activities are banned in most of the places, you can make a camping site for your kid inside your home. All that you will need is a tent house.clean and declutter your site first. Place a tent house in your garden or backyard. And arrange for a bonfire to make the camping fun. If you love cooking for your kids, you can have an outdoor barbeque set up too. Your kids will have the best time during summer and this can be a family get together activity too. 

A backyard camping is never old school

  • Make a different ice cream - How is a summer possible without an ice cream day? You might have gone together as a family to an ice cream parlor near your home last summer and would have hage a gala ice cream day. This summer, you can make ice cream at your home. Take the help of your kids while making the ice cream and this can be an awesome summer activity to beat the heat and keep your kids engaged. Make an ice cream of your kids’ favorite flavor or try some different and exciting flavors that you have never tried before. Give the mixing and the whisking to your kids and they will have the best time ever. 

Make a different ice cream

  • Have a bubble war - A bubble war is never too old even for  grown ups. You can use your gardens, backyards and even your terrace as a bubble war zone and watch your little ones make bubbles and burst them. You can get some bubble guns, bubble sticks and even some bubble maker machine. This can be an all-day pass time for your kids and they will enjoy life like never before. 

Have a bubble war

Get the best bubble blower machine for your kids here!

  • Get them into a habit of reading - Reading books is no more a bookworm or an introvert thing. Reading always encourages your child’s ability to think creatively. Make a home library for your little ones witn age appropriate books and encourage them to read books at least for an hour or half an hour during the day. Also read to them some good bedtime stories. You can carry this summer activity all through the year and watch your little ones turn into keen listeners. 

Get them into a habit of reading

  • Water games are always fun - A dive into your swimming pool is always relishing in summer. The best thing you could do rather than mere swimming is to have some activities in your pool. There are many water games such as an inflatable pool set where you can have a volleyball match or even a basketball match in your pool. The best part of using such inflatable sets is that you can easily use it, detach it and store it very easily. Get such sets and join your kids for a pool match. Your kids will surely love it.

Water games are always fun

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These are some of the best activities you can try with your kids. Ty them out and have the best summer time with your kids before it fades away.

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