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Mom and Child Activities For Better Bonding

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Mom and Child Activities For Better Bonding

A first time mom? No matter if you are a first time mom or  mom with three or four kids, your little ones will always be the precious one to you. As parents, you are responsible for nurturing and upbringing your kid in the right way. At times, we find many children losing faith in their parents and taking the wrong way of life. This happens when there is a gap in the communication between the kid and you. When do you start making a move to bond better with your little one? Right now! Yes, it is very important to stay connected with your little one in love. Strict parenting does not work today. This will make your child go away from you. This blog has some parenting tips to help you bond better with your little one. Read on to try out some fun activities that will enrich the bond between you and your child. 

Tips To Bond Better With Your Little One

  • Make Time - It all starts with you making some time for your child. Always remember that there is nothing more important than your little one. If you are a working mom, make sure you organize yourself better so that you do not leave behind your child because of work. 
Make Time
  • Never Ignore When Your Child Cries - A crying baby or a toddler can be quite annoying if he or she keeps crying especially when you are bombarded with work. Remember that they do this to seek your attention. Never leave and walk away from them when they are crying. Avoid being harsh on them too. This would make them feel that they are not loved and such ignored kids will keep them away not just from you, but also from the world. Be very compassionate with them when they cry. Give them a warm hug and make them forget why they are crying.
Never Ignore When Your Child Cries
  • Feed your child and make him sleep - The mother is always called the nurture. If you are a working mom and provider too, make sure you at least feed your child one meal in a day and put him to sleep. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat close to yours will make your little one feel happy and you will feel your bond growing stronger. Sleep with your child and you will have nothing more in this world that you love so much. 
Feed your child and make him sleep
  • It is okay to have bad days - Your day at times will be in the most horrible form and there are days when you yell at your kid for no good reason. Remember that this happens with every parent and it does not make you a bad mother. The simplest hack to deal with it is to walk away from the place. Let your child know that you would be away for five minutes. Go to another room and calm yourself down. Get back to your child when you feel better. This is the best way to deal with your bad days. 
It is okay to have bad days
  • Plan some mom-and-baby activities together - Did you know that playing with your children will make them feel special and strengthen your bond with them? A simple activity or outing will make them feel very comfortable to approach you for anything without a glitch. Parents who join their kids while playing have a much easier experience with their kids in the teenage stage. 
Plan some mom-and-baby activities together

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    Activities To Help You Strengthen Your Mom And Child Bond

    • Read Along - The best way to bond well with your little one is to communicate well with your child. This happens when you spend time reading to your child some of her favorite stories. Reading helps your child become creative and imagine better. With this, you and your child communicate better and talk more even when you do not read. The best time to read for your child is right before bedtime. This tip has worked wonders for kids. 
    Read Along
    • Try Out Gardening - This idea works if you have a green thumb. It is okay to not have a passion for gardening. You can still give it  a try long with your little one. It is always a treat to watch the seed that you have planted grow into a plant or even a tree. If you do not have a garden, get some pots home. Take your child along with you when you are planting the seeds and saplings. Encourage him or her to water it with you every single day. With this, your child will become very compassionate and responsible. You and your little one get enough time to be together and bond better. 
    Try Out Gardening
    • Have A Water Play - Water play is the best way to encourage your little one to socialize. Every child enjoys playing in the water and you can have some amazing water activities with your little one. If your child is above five years, take him or her for a swim. If you have a toddler, introduce him or her to water with some water games like splash pads, water guns and even with some water splashers. This will make your child have a great time during summer, strengthen both your bonds and also help you have some stress relief.
    Have A Water Play
    • Admire Nature - You do not have to plan a road trip for this. You can always go on a picnic or a road trip, but even a walk in the neighborhood makes a lot of difference in your bonds. Hold hands with your little one and walk. Admire nature and introduce your child to things and animals she does not know. You are teaching your baby and your baby is bonding with you in this process. The best time for you and your child to go on a walk is when the traffic on the road is less. 
    Admire Nature
    • Bake Together - What is more fun than getting messy with the flour in the kitchen? You and your little one can make some amazing pancakes, cupcakes and even make some pizzas. Involve your child to keep his or her boredom at bay. Give some rainbow sprinklers for your little one and keep him or her busy decorating the cake you made. Voila! This becomes an amazing bonding activity. 
    Bake Together
    • Try Fun Experiments - Experiments can be as easy as showing how eggs turn solid when you fry or even making a muddy volcano. Take the internet's help to pln out some science activities and help your child learn as you bond together. Trying out new things like this invokes the curiosity levels of your child and helps him or her communicate with you better. 
    Try Fun Experiments
    • Become Da Vinci - A day out in the garden with a painting set and an aisle  board? This is one of  the best ways to bond with your little one well. You both can mix colors and pink landscapes and put up the masterpiece on the walls of your child’s room. Painting together is fun and  you can explore the fun side  and creative side of your child with this activity. 
    Become Da Vinci
    • Do the cleaning - Always remember that bonding with your little one must make him or her independent and not dependent. Make your child independent and still bond with him or her by including your little one with you in all the household chores. Give him or her a dusting cloth and watch her or him do the cleaning by imitating you. Get him or her a small bucket and watch as they put their tiny socks in the laundry. This makes your little one independent and responsible too.
    Do the cleaning

    These are the best activities that will involve you and your little one and strengthen both your bonds. Remember, parenting is not rocket science after all.

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