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Benefits of Introducing Your Child To Music | Music Advantage

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Benefits of Introducing Your Child To Music | Music Advantage

Music soothes the mind and calms the soul for everyone. While some prefer putting on their headphones and listening to it, the others go ahead to learn a few instruments and make tunes out of it. When parents are told about the benefits of introducing music to their children, the first idea that hits their mind is that the kids need to be sent to music classes. Well, the introduction to music can actually start as soon as the baby is born. How? Read this blog to know the benefits of music that little children can reap. Also get to know the easy tips to introduce music to your little one at each age.

Music soothes 

Benefits Of Music For Kids

  • Brain Development - The first and the best benefit that music brings is the brain development of the child. Studies have proven that children who are into music are quick learners. When you teach a child anything in the form of music, she would be able to grasp better and remember it for the longest time. 
Brain Development
  • Disciplining - When you inculcate the habit of introducing music to your little one, your kid will automatically be calmer and patience. Music can make your little one patient and obedient and you will have no much effort from your end in disciplining them. 
  • Socializing - Your little one bay be an introvert, but with music, you can make them social. When your child songs in groups or dances in groups when music is played, they become more confident to face the world and mingle with other people. 
  • Creativity - Music has different tones and pitches. Once your little one becomes familiar with the musical notes, the creativity hops in and they will be able to make their own musical tunes. Music is the best way to make your kid think differently. 

Right Age To Start Music For Kids

If you are wondering what the right age to start music would be, it would be right from the first day your little one is born. How? Here is how you can be introducing music to your little ones in every stage of their life. 

Start Music For Kids

  • New born - You can start introducing music to your loved one by humming them the song. This can make you bond better with your little one too. Singing to them some simple rhymes or a peaceful lullaby can be the best way to make them familiar with music.
New born
  • Infant - When your child is a little bigger and begins to hold on to a few things, introduce him to music by getting him rattles or musical toys. The best way to introduce music to an infant is by getting them a musical play mat. The play mat has rattles, musical drums and other toys attached to it and your child will reach out to it while lying down to make some sounds.
  • Toddler - As a toddler, your little one would be able to move around and play. You can introduce him to toys such as kid drum sets, toy trumpets and whistles. You could also get them some musical shoes that make sound when your little one walks. Also play some rhymes for them and shake a leg with them.
  • Child - Children above the age group of four years and up will have a rough idea of the musical notes and tones. During this, introduce your little one to the right musical instruments available in the form of toys. It could be the toy jazz drum set or the toy piano. With this, your little one will be more familiar with the musical notes and they can develop music as their hobby. 
  • Teen - As a teen, your child can directly start the advanced level of music. Ask him which musical instrument grabs his attention and encourage him to take up playing that instrument as his hobby. You could also give your kid some nice music players with good headphones so that they listen to music and relax. 

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Tips To Invoke A Musician In Kids

  1. Sing to them bedtime stories instead of reading to them. Keep humming a tune when they are around you.
  2. Make a music wall in your backyard with vessels of different material. Encourage your little ones to tap on them and make their own music.
  3. Get toys like the kids jazz drum set and more for them.
  4. Get them a karaoke toy so that they can sing.
  5. Encourage them to be a part of the choir or band in the church or at school. 

Tips To Invoke A Musician In Kids

These are the benefits of music and the best ways to encourage your little ones into taking up music as their passion and hobby. Try them out and make your little ones a musical super star. 

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