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Backyard Toys For Your Kids To End Boredom Days

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Backyard Toys For Your Kids To End Boredom Days

Are kids getting bored at home during the pandemic? Even your gardens and backyards could be the same old place for them to pass their time. Well, your kids get bored behind the walls and closed doors inside your home, but you can make your terrace, balcony, backyard or even garden a place that will keep your kids entertained and happy in spite of being at home.How? Here is a list of age appropriate outdoor games and toys that you can get for your little ones.

  • Trampoline Sprinkler

What a trampoline sprinkler is? This is for all those who have a trampoline at home. Summer is on and who does not want to play with water? Get a trampoline sprinkler and fix it to the trampoline at your home. The nozzles in the sprinkler will sprinkle the water in all directions inside the trampoline and your kids will have a cool summer time as they jump and play on the trampoline. 

Here is why you need to buy the trampoline sprinkler. 

  1. The summer needs more water activities and this keeps your little one cool.
  2. You can use the trampoline sprinkler on the trampoline of any widths. It can easily be attached and detached. 
  3. Keeps your little one feeling active and energetic
  4. Good for all age groups and for parents too.

Buy It Here

Trampoline Sprinkler
  • Outdoor Crawl Tent

The next outdoor activity toy you can buy for your little one is a crawling tent. You might love to watch your little toddler playing in your beautiful garden, but may be scared about your toddler running around and falling down without your notice. In such cases, you can buy this ply pen that comes with a crawling area and also a tunnel to keep your child’s activity levels high. 

Get the tunnel for these good reasons.

  1. The tunnel attached to the play pen motivates your child to crawl.
  2. The play pen area is a safe barrier for your little one in your garden.
  3. You can fill the play pen with color balls and keep your little one engaged. 
  4. The play pen could be the right garden toy for your baby if he or she falls in the age group of six months to four years.

Buy It Here

Outdoor Crawl Tent
  • Pool Game Set

 Pool game set is the best set for the entire family if you have a garden or even a swimming pool at your place. This is an inflatable set that comes with an inflatable basketball hoop along with a beach ball that looks like basketball.The other part of the set is an inflatable volleyball set that has a volleyball net and a beach ball that looks like a volleyball. The set comes with an inflator pump and a repair kit that helps you repair the set if there is any wear and tear. 

Here are the advantages of buying this pool ball set.

  1. The entire set is easy to inflate, deflate and be stored.
  2. It helps you have a great family time along with your kids.
  3. The pool set can be placed in the pool or even in your garden.
  4. This set is for both kids and adults. 

Buy It Here

Pool Game Set
  • Electronic Shooting Target

Toy guns and games are always in the bucket list of outdoor games. How can you make it more interesting? Get an electronic shooting target and watch your kid enjoy more.This electronic shooting target has a digital scoreboard and also a recorded voice that cheers for your child when he scores a goal. This is an awesome gaming toy choice if your kid already has a dart gun or a good bow and arrow set.

Get this for your child for these reasons.

  1. Your child will understand goals and targets better with this simple game.
  2. Your child will focus and concentrate better.
  3. The cheering sounds and the goal score motivates the child to perform better.
  4. This is the best gaming toy for kids of age group six years and up.

Buy It Here

Electronic Shooting Target
  • Floor Dart Game

Is the dart game boring for you? Here is a dart game of a different type. This outdoor toy is a floor dart game that comes with a mat designed in the form of a dart board. Along with this comes some cute darts that are in the shape of rockets. These darts easily fall on the ground dart mat and you can score a goal easily.

Here is why the floor dart game set could be a right choice for you.

  1. The floor dart game set is known to be a full family game.
  2. It encourages your little one to understand targets better. 
  3. The dart game set improves the ability to focus and concentrate in kids.
  4. This game is for all august above for years and even for parents too. 

Buy It Here

Floor Dart Game
  • Golf Club Set

Are you crazy about the golf game? Make your little kid as crazy as you by introducing golf to him in the right way. You can get your little one the complete golf club set that even comes with a trolley case. This toy gives a real and hands on golf experience to your little one and makes it an amazing garden toy that you have been looking for.Your child and even you will love the color combination of the golf club set and this will be the right way to introduce outdoor sports to your little one. 

There are some advantages of getting this outdoor toy to your kid. Read them here. 

  1. Your little ones will fall in love with golf and this can even become their hobby.
  2. Your child will understand how to focus and make goals.
  3. This is a good gross motor skill development game.
  4. The game is suitable for kids falling in between the age group of four and nine years. 

Buy It Here

Golf Club Set
  • Automatic Bubble Blower Machine

Who has a childhood without memories of hunting the bubbles doen? Everyone loves bubbles and it has been a part of your childhood too. You would have had liquid soaps and bubble blowing sticks. Here is a new update - the bubble blower machine. Get the machine home and place it in your garden. Watch the machine as it makes bubbles for you and your kid and relive your childhood again. The bubble blower machine is an easy to use outdoor toy that you should not miss out buying. 

The advantages of buying the bubble toy are listed here. 

  1. Bubbles encourage your toddler to run around - making their legs strong.
  2. Bubbles moving in your garden give your kids a soothing relief to the mind.
  3. Making bubbles needs no stress and strain from your end.
  4. A child of any age group can get this machine as a gift. Toddlers and crawling infants would be benefited the most.

Buy It Here

Automatic Bubble Blower Machine
  • Baseball Pitching Machine

Are you working from home, and your childs comes up to you and asks you to play with him or her? Here is the best gift that you can give your child. The baseball pitching machine is not just an outdoor toy. It is your child’s much needed baseball companion. The baseball pitcher comes with a baseball bat. You can place the machine in your garden and watch your child score goals as the machine keeps pitching the balls. 

Here are some advantages of getting your child the baseball pitcher.

  1. Your child will not feel lonely while playing in the garden.
  2. It is a very good fine and gross motor development toy for your little one.
  3. It makes your child a better baseball player.
  4. Suitable for kids above the age three years and up.

Buy It Here

Baseball Pitching Machine

These are the best outdoor toys that are ideal for your little ones. Get the best toy that you feel is suitable to keep your child’s boredom away and relax as you watch your child play.

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