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Tips To Save Your Car From A Rat Attack

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Tips To Save Your Car From A Rat Attack

Summers in the USA have very hot days and a little chilly night. No matter what the weather is, rats always prefer sleeping in warm places that are dark enough for them. What could be a better place than a car parked in your garage or in front of your house? There are many people who have complained of rats attacking their car and nibbling down the wires which can be pocket pinching. This has cost many car owners a lot of money and has pinched their pockets severely. 

Besides this, the rats leave behind a very unpleasant aroma in your car and also some fleas that can cling on you. If you think that there is nothing for you to do about the rats entering your car, here are some amazing tips and tricks for you to save your car from a rat attack. You can try them and keep all the rats out of your space easily. 

Tips And Tricks To Stop A Rat Attack

  • Park your car in a no rat zone - If you are parking your car outside your home, be sure that the place you park your car at is in a zone that does not have rats. Strictly do not park your car close to the dust bins or any places that have clutter or other small pests. The rodents love such places and are sure to find your car inviting too. 

Park your car in a no rat zone

  • Declutter your garage - Your garage can be a storage area, but it is not advisable to stack and store all the unwanted items there. Rats get attracted to a messy room as it can be a great place for them to hide. If you do not wish to have rats in your garage and your car, make sure that you remove all the unwanted items in your place and also make sure that your garage is spacious. A clutter-free garage is a rat free one too. 

Declutter your garage

  • Get a mechanic’s help - There may be very small openings in your car’s body from which the rats can come inside your car. If this is the issue, get hold of a good mechanic and get such openings sealed with good wires and meshes that cannot be nibbled by rats. When all of such enclosures are closed in your car, there would not be any space for the rats to get into it. 

Get a mechanic’s help

  • Use peppermint spray - Peppermint is one of the best fragrances that could help you with digestion, nausea and other such issues. You may love this fragrance but all of the rats hate it and get annoyed with its smell. It irritates their breathing pipe and makes it hard for them to take in air. Eventually, rats do not stay in places where the fragrances of peppermint lingers. Get a good mice repellent spray that has the composition of peppermint spray. Spray it in your car’s bonnet and in your garage, and watch all the rats and mice leave your car and garage. 
Use peppermint spray

Are you in search of a good mice repellent spray? Here is an FDA approved one for you to have a safe and natural rat control in your car and garage. The spray has a fresh aroma that you will love and the mice will hate. Get them here now!

  • Use a bait - You can make a simple bait to get rid of rats. Not all mice fall prey to glue traps and other mouse traps and using anything that is poisonous and synthetic is not advisable. Instead of discarding all the potato peel, dry them so that there is no moisture left. Use your mixer to powder it well and then put this powder in the rat infested places around your car. The rats get attracted to this food, eat it and die after their stomachs get bloated and the intestines swell up.

Use a bait

  • Let some light in - Rats and rodents drool in the dark and shy away from the light. They would love to spend time in your garage or inside your car’s bonnet because it is dark there. If you have rats creating havoc in your garage or inside your car, leave the lights on in your garage. To keep the rats away from the car’s bonnet, leave it open under the light inside your garage at night. The rats will surely go away to find a dark hideout. Rats also like quiet places and if your car is lying in your garage and is not used, make sure you at least start the engine once in the day and if possible at night so that the rats do not make it their nesting. 

Let some light in

With these simple hacks, preventing a rat attack in your car is really simple and does not need any rocket science. This is what you can be doing to keep the rats away from your car and from your garage. 

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