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Tips To Keep Rats Away From Kitchen | Tricks to get rid of rats

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Tips To Keep Rats Away From Kitchen | Tricks to get rid of rats

Are you dealing with rats in your kitchen and there is nothing you can do about it? The kitchen is one of the most sensitive spaces at your home. You have all the pests invading this place but you have nothing much to do with it because the pest repellers at your home have synthetic composition in them. Well, while you are concerned about the food in your kitchen getting poisoned by the dangerous pest repellents, you need to also know that rats and mice at home are equally dangerous. 

Rats and mice loiter your home and make it a mess. Their saliva and droppings, both have a lot of harmful substances and disease causing germs. What’s more, they can give you or your dog a bite and this needs an injection too. Repelling rats and mice out of your home is not rocket science after all. All that you will need are these simple, natural and very effective rat repellent tips and tricks. Try these rat deterrent tricks and keep the mice away from your kitchen.

What Attracts Rats To Your Kitchen

Rats get attracted by the food, water and cozy space in your kitchen. Always remember that a rat can come to your space alone, but if your place meets all of its needs, the rats bring more mice into your homes and all of them can create havoc.

Attracts Rats To Your Kitchen

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Hacks And Remedies To Keep Rats Away. From Kitchen

  • Stop Feeding The Rat - The first remedy for you to follow and keep rats away is to make sure that they do not get food and water supply. Rats do not only feed on the fruits and veggies. They even chomp down the grains and legumes, cardboard boxes and wood. If you want to stop the rats from entering your homes, place all of your groceries inside containers that are very strong, air-tight and do not break even when the rats attack them with their sharp teeth. 
Stop Feeding The Rat
  • Do Your Dirty Dishes - Rats can get attracted to all the leftover food that are found in the dirty plates and dishes. If you have a habit of leaving your dishes in the sink at the kitchen overnight, make sure you wash them well and keep your sink clean. This is one simple way to keep both rodents and roaches away from your kitchen. Use a good detergent that has the essential oil fragrances to keep the rats away. 
Do Your Dirty Dishes
  • Watch The Drains - Many follow the Pied Piper’s story and think that rats drown and dry in water. Well, you need to know that rats are very good swimmers and can enter your home by swimming through the pipelines and drainage lines. If the chamber mess is not strong in your kitchen, the rats can easily nibble them down and enter your home. Rats also can nibble through the moist walls in the kitchen and enter it. You need to closely watch the walls and the drains and immediately get the walls repaired and the chambers sealed well. 
Watch The Drains
  • Use Closed Bins - There are no better scavengers than rats and roaches, and nothing can attract the rats better than the wet and dry garbage bins. If you have placed your garbage bins in the kitchen, make sure you use good quality bins that cannot be nibbled down by rats. Always buy bins that have a covering so that the rats cannot go inside. 
Use Closed Bins
  • Use Peppermint Oil - Peppermint oil can be the best way to keep rats and all the other pests out of your kitchen and homes. THe fragrance that you love can irritate the nasal and air passages in rats and other pests and all of them will leave your space quickly. If you have rats and mice in your place, make sure you take the best peppermint oil and mix it with water to lightly dilute it. Spry it in the chamber areas, storage racks, cupboards and in all the other places so that the rats can go away. With all of this you will have a space free of rats. You can also get a good and natural pest repellent or rat repellent spray that has the composition of peppermint oil and use it in the kitchen to keep the mice away. 

Use Peppermint Oil

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These are the simple and the most amazing hacks to get rid of all the rat out of the kitchen without using any sort of peppermint spray. You can try them at your home and keep all the mice away without poisoning the food that you cook and the groceries that you use.

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