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Natural & Safe Pest Control Methods For Your Home

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Natural & Safe Pest Control Methods For Your Home

Give a man a dollar for every time he’s had a pest problem, and he will be a trillionaire! YES! If you’re sitting at home, wondering what in the world you have done ever to have such pest problems, you’re not alone! The best ways to get rid of pests are often the easiest but require daily and consistent effort. 

Your home is your haven, a space that is meant to be a sanctuary! Not an open house for ants, spiders, and other critters! Pest control methods are many, but here’s a list of some that work for the most common pests: 

The Antsy Situation

If you want to prevent ants for good AND you’ve tried everything in your power to do so, you may have to re-think your options. Here are some safe and chemical-free solutions to rid your life and home of ants:

  • Leave out cucumber peels at the places where ants abound! Many ants cannot withstand cucumber.
  • Peppermint tea bags can be left in areas where ants are scattered about. Ants hate the odor of peppermint.
  • Using some form of night lighting near ant infestation can change and discourage their foraging patterns.
  • Just use plain water! Sprinkle or drop water on ant mounds and zones; they’ll be gone in no time!

The Antsy Situation

The Mosquito Nutters

That Bzzzzzzzing sound in your ear in the morning or night when you’re cozy in bed is the sound of literal DEATH! Mosquitoes don’t call it quits, even with some of the most potent chemical pesticides and insecticides! Here’s how to get rid of them naturally:

  • Block them from even getting inside- use nets or some mesh on the windows and doors
  • Get rid of any form of stagnant and exposed water surfaces. Take special care of the areas in your bathroom! Keep it neat & dry! Change birdbaths and keep the pool clean.
  • An added tip is to sprinkle rosemary on the coals of your Portable Charcoal Barbecue Grill!
  • Use a natural and organic pest control spray. They are way better than chemical alternatives.
  •  Neem oil has compounds that help to repel mosquitoes instantly! Add a few drops of it in a lotion and use it as a preventive for yourself & health!

The Mosquito Nutters

The Flies Apocalypse 

Fruit flies and flies, in general, are surprisingly slow and agile at the same time! They are the living oxymorons of today’s pest community! Because it is SO hard to kill them even when they’re easy to spot! Follow these easy tips to get rid of flies:

  • Use herbal sachets made from peppermint, bay leaves, cloves, and eucalyptus and keep them near exposed fruits and veggies.
  • Plant pots with some fresh sweet basil and keep them around your home; files will stay miles away, and mosquitoes too!
  • Dip a cloth in eucalyptus oil and leave it in an area plagued by flies! A perfect formula for a fly-free life!

The Flies Apocalypse

The Spidey Situation

Spiders crawl their way up into your space and pretend as nothing happened! Some spiders are small and deadly, while others are huge and harmless, but what do they ALL have in common? They are severely annoying and create a mess of webs! Take a look at these super easy ways to eliminate them: 

  • Make a DIY peppermint oil spray. Take a bottler, add some peppermint essential oil, some dishwasher liquid, and water!
  • Vinegar and coconut oil sprays also work really well. Use this spray on a small surface, and look for any discoloring, if any, before spraying on furniture and upholstery!
  • Spiders love to hide in the dark or dingy situations, so clean up your top shelves, attics, and the basement.
  • Seal up any cracks in windows, doors, and walls. Spiders tend to hide in these areas too!
  • Use citrus essential oils like orange, lime, and even lemongrass! Spiders hate the scent and will run away from zones that ‘smell’ citrusy!

The Spidey Situation

There you have it! The easiest solutions for the most common bug problems! Bugs have a way of bringing our world upside down! What’s more, there are so many ways to keep them at bay that we run out of options and don’t put enough effort to do it from the get-go! If you ever hear someone complaining about their ‘pest problem,’ send them this blog or ask them to get professional advice! Because no problem in the world has been solved by whining!

Here’s wishing you pest-free days ahead!

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