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How To Deal With Spider Bites In Kids

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
How To Deal With Spider Bites In Kids

Spooky spiders are good to be watched on the television channels but are really eerie when you find them at homes. Spiders might not always be dangerous and many of you would have even not known that the spiders will bite. Well, yes! Spiders do bite if they feel you are causing them danger. The pain is usually very minimum and you might have a small red area on the skin. The bite of the spider resembles the bedbugs bite. 

However, some spiders are really dangerous. The bite of the black widow spider or even the brown recluse spider can be poisonous and fatal. The bite can make you sweat, give you a lot of pain, and you may also get cramps. When a normal spider gives your little ones a bite, it might be painful too. For this, you as a parent need to know the right way to treat the wound. This blog is all about how you can treat your little one’s spider bite at home easily and when medical attention would be important. Also get to read the simplest way to repel the spooky spiders away.

Tips To Recognise A Spider Bite

There are some simple ways to recognise a spider bite. Here are some tips that will let you know it is a spider’s bite. 

  1. The bite of the spider is itchy.
  2. The bite often causes redness on skin or sometimes even a rash.
  3. The bite from a poisonous spider causes breathlessness.
  4. The spider bite may cause cramping and even rashes.
  5. In rare cases, the pain would be too much.

Tips To Recognise A Spider Bite

Tips To Deal With A Spider Bite

Not all spider bites need medical emergencies. Even simple medication and first aid can work unless your little one is bitten by a poisonous or a dangerous spider. Here are the simple ways of how you can treat the spider bite.

  1. Your child will be really worried at first. Calm your little one and assure that nothing will happen.
  2. Examine the bite and if possible, ask your little one how the spider that gave them a bite looked like. 
  3. Wash the bite with disinfectant soap and water.
  4. If there is swelling or redness, apply an ice pack or place a wet cloth in the bitten area. 
  5. A cream or a good lotion that you have always been using for your child will keep the bitten area moisturised.
  6. In case your child complains of cramping and excruciating pain, seek medical help.

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A Spider Bite

Tips To Ward Off Spiders From Your Place

Spiders are the pests that can enter your home any time of the year. You can always not administer what kind of spider has bitten you kid. It is better to keep all sorts and species of spiders away from your home. The black widow spiders and the brown recluse spider usually live in the undisturbed places of your home such as the backyards, storerooms and even the garden. Here are some easy tips to ward them off from your place. 

Spiders From Your Place

  • Close all cracks and homes - The spider’s home is not its web. Cobwebs are built by them to trap their prey. However, these spooky arachnids live in the tiny cracks and holes in the walls of your house. You need to permanently close all such tiny cracks and openings so that they do not have any place to hide and live. 

Close all cracks and homes

  • Declutter - A home with too much unwanted stuff can attract the spiders to it. The clutter in your backyards and storerooms make it easy for them to hide and build their infestation. Always keep all the areas of your home spacious and clean. Declutter effectively and you will have the spiders gone.


  • Break those cobwebs - Do not just keep the dusting and cleaning of your house during the weekends. Break the cobwebs as soon as you spot them. The spiders get tired of building the insect traps over and again and walk away to find another undisturbed place soon. 

Break those cobwebs

  • Do the dishes at night - Dirty dishes attract insects and tiny insects attract the spiders. You need to make sure that you wash off all the vessels and dishes before you turn the lights in your kitchen off. This will help you not only keep the spiders, but also all the other insects and pests like the flies, roaches and even rodents away.

Do the dishes at night

  • Use walnut shells to ward them off - The walnut shells have chemicals and composition that are toxic and dangerous to the spiders. The spider dislikes the smell of this and walks off. Place some of the open walnut shells in the attic and the other spider infested areas. You can also powder them and spread the powder in the places of spider infestation to see them gone. 

Use walnut shells to ward them off

  • Use peppermint spray - Get an all natural and safe spider repellent spray home. The chemical sprays can be dangerous when you use it at your home - especially in the kitchen. Choose a natural spray that has the natural composition of essential oils of lavender, peppermint, spearmint and even clove. All of these oils keep the spiders away and keep you safe too.

Use peppermint spray

These are the simple spider repellent hacks that you can be trying to get rid of spiders. The simple ways to treat your kid after a spider bite works really well too. Remember, prevention of spider infestation is better than healing and treating your wound.

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