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8 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
8 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Many of us use a washing machine to wash the clothes. We can’t deny that these machines have made our life easier. But to keep them in good condition, one has to maintain them. 

washing machine to wash

Regular maintenance certainly improves the machine’s durability and effectiveness. Read on the blog to learn some of the best washing machine maintenance tips.

How to keep your washing machine clean?

  • Deep cleaning: The washing machine cannot be 100% efficient all the time. With time, machines begin to lose their efficiency. You might have seen your clothes are not coming out clean as they used to. This is mainly due to scale formation in the machine and this can lead to a serious problem if you have hard water running in your house.

 Deep cleaning

Under such circumstances, it’s good to deep clean your washing machine once in a while. Use a strong machine cleanser that removes all the scaling without damaging the machine metals and plastic parts. It’s advised not to for the cheapest one as it may do more damage than any good.

  • Clean the rubber gasket: Your machine is more likely to suffer a lot of wear and tear. The rubber gasket in machines is mainly used to protect your clothes from damage and your hands from sharp edges. But the gasket is likely to collect dust on its edges and sides whenever you open the door. Furthermore, detergent and softener particles also leave a great amount of residue on the gasket. Therefore, it’s important to clean the rubber gasket with a damp cloth now and then. Cleaning a rubber gasket once a week is sufficient to keep your washing machine in good working condition.

 Clean the rubber gasket

  • Protect the finish: Any clean-looking appliances improve the look of your house. If you have an old machine, then you will know how its pale look ruins your room’s appearance. Many people ignore this aspect and leave the machines as is. Front-load washing machines are great sufferers in this department. Their top plain surfaces keep gathering a lot of dust and make it look older than it already is.

 Protect the finish

Like any other appliances in your house, washing machines need proper care and maintenance. With simple tricks, you are sure to improve the machine’s durability.

Key tip: Clean the top side of the machine using a glass cleaner. You can also make use of a pre-installed factory finish to make the machine look bright for too long. Always cover the machine when not in use and do not load any heavy things on the top. This way you can prevent scratches from appearing.

  • Protect from spillage: You may be using the best detergent to avoid residue formation but that’s not going to help much despite the efforts. The residue that is formed becomes sticky over time and begins to release a foul smell. You can eliminate this problem by wiping it with a mild dishwashing cleaner. And also clean the inside of the drum with a wet cloth as it can collect lint, detergent, and dirt residue over time.

 Protect from spillage

  • Leave the door open: Do not close the washing machine door immediately after washing it. Closing the door immediately invites more problems than you know as it allows dirt and dust to build inside the machine. Keeping the door open for 15-20 minutes after washing can prevent moisture build-up in your machine. It dries up the tub and avoids any of the machine’s delicate parts getting damaged by the moisture.

The best way to protect is by keeping the tub dry either by keeping it open for a while or wiping it with a dry cloth.

Leave the door open
  • Keep checking the hoses: Keep an eye on the machine hoses. Most semi-automatic and automatic machines will have three hoses. Out of which 2 are inlets and 1 is an outlet. Make sure the inlet is properly connected to the water source and it has no cracks and leaks. And also keeping checking the outlet and drain hoses. When things go haywire, you can consult a technician.

 Keep checking the hoses

  • Clean the filter: Many semi-automatic washing machines will have a lint filter. This filter extracts the dirt particles every time you keep clothes for washing. You have to keep cleaning this filter once in a while. Because once the filter is full, it won’t be able to collect debris anymore. They continue building on your machine and sometimes get on clothes. Debris buildup affects the machine in many ways.

 Clean the filter

  • Pick the right detergent: It’s better to use machine-specific detergents than regular detergents. Make a note that the detergent you use shouldn’t be too harsh or alkaline because this will damage both clothes and machines.
Pick the right detergent
The above important guidelines give 100% protection to your washing machine and prevent wear and tear. Click here if you are looking for eco-friendly washing machines that require minimal maintenance.

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