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5 Summer Pests That Could Visit Your Kitchen

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
5 Summer Pests That Could Visit Your Kitchen

Summer is ON and your favorite pass time could be cooking some amazing delicacies in the kitchen. Your children would also love to try their hands in baking some cupcakes and may even leave a few ingredients unattended. Did you know that this tiny bit of negligence could bring home some pest visitors who could be permanent residents at your home? 

Summer is the time of the year when all of the pests sneak out of their hideouts to collect and stack food. Apart from this, the pests too love the summer season and it is the time of the year that they cherish to roam outside after a long hibernation in the winter. The most common pests make way for dangerous health issues and it is highly advisable to keep them out of your space. This blog speaks about the five pests you could probably encounter in your kitchen and also tells about the hacks that will help you get rid of them easily. 

Five Summer Pests In Your Kitchen

  • Roaches - The roaches annoy and trouble you all through the year, but summer is  the season when they tend to breed more. You will find them in the cupboards of your kitchen and even in the drains and chambers of the kitchen. They are very annoying and almost nibble and eat all your food stuff. The roaches can survive on the wooden cabinets in your kitchen too.


  • Rodents - Rodents are the real troublemakers who drool in your kitchen when the lights go off. These rats and rodents are very annoying and can give you a bite too. Are windows the places from where they can come into your home? It could be the drainage chambers too. Rats are good swimmers and can swim into your homes through the drains. They nibble, loited, make a mess and also spread dangerous communicable diseases. 


  • Houseflies - Houseflies are the most common spreaders of cholera and typhoid. They love to snack on your food and other edible stuff and leave behind the germs that they have carried from the unclean spaces. Houseflies are the summer pests that make way into your kitchen especially when you are cooking some meat or slicing some fruits. They are extremely annoying, dangerous, and something that you should not be ignoring. 


  • Mosquitoes - Who does not wish to have a day without encountering a mosquito? They are the most common pests that can spread diseases. Mosquitoes can breed in your kitchen if there are any stagnant water bodies and can cause severe deadly infections too. 


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  • Ants - Ants and termites are the most commonly seen pests during the summer season and they can invade your home and kitchen any time during this season. Keep the sugar unattended and the sweets left open, you will have a colony of ants smothering around it. 


Five Simple Hacks To Get Rid Of Kitchen Pests

  • Do the dishes - Dirty and unclean dishes with leftover food in it attract pests into your kitchen like magnets. You need to be very careful and do the dishes at night before you turn off the kitchen light. With this, you are keeping away most of the kitchen pests that can enter your home in the summer. 

Do the dishes

  • Keep the windows closed - Summer is too hot and you would definitely not want to get cooked up in the kitchen along with your food. It is okay to keep your kitchen garden’s door and the windows open, but make sure to close them in your absence and at night. 

Keep the windows closed

  • Use closed garbage bins - Your garbage may have all the wet or dry wastes that might not fascinate you, but the pests at your home love it. Most of the pests like the rats and mice and even the roaches are omnivores and great scavengers. They make a mess in your kitchen and pull out all the neatly packed garbage. To avoid this menace from the pests, discard all the garbage in closed bins that are too hard for the pests to sneak into.

Use closed garbage bins

  • Hide food away - Hiding the food away from the pests keeps most of the pests out of your kitchen. It could be the grains that you have stored or the groceries that you have placed in the kitchens. It could at times be the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen that can get pests home. The best way to get rid of pests is to ensure that you are keeping all the edible stuff out of their sight and reach. Cut down the water supply in the kitchen too. Repair the leaking taps and keep all the chambers tight and sealed. 

Hide food away

  • Use a natural and safe home pest control spray - You can always repel pests using a good pest control spray, but you need to be extra careful of using one in the kitchen. Get a naturally composed pest control spray that is safe and effective on all the pests. The ones that are made of peppermint oil and other such natural oils are safe to be used inside your kitchen. 

Use a natural and safe home pest control spray

These are the common summer pests that can haunt your kitchen and the most simple tips and tricks to get rid of them. You can try them at home to have a summer that brings no pests to your doorstep.

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