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10 Essential Tips for Perfect Laundry | Tricks for Laundry

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
10 Essential Tips for Perfect Laundry | Tricks for Laundry

Washing clothes is as essential as any basic amenities. According to US studies,  U.S consumers  have about 35 billion wash loads every year. And many people rely on washing machines for this.  You may be washing clothes in the same machine without complaining but there are slip-ups you are making without any knowledge. Want to do your laundry like a pro? We’ve got you. In this blog, learn how to do the laundry the right way.

  1. Know your laundry symbol: Every fabric has its way of washing. If you are not really sure how to dig this mystery, then pull out the tag inside your cloth, they tell you how to wash them. If you struggle to decode its meaning, refer to the Laundry symbol cheat sheet. You can fall back to this sheet every time you pick to do your laundry.
Know your laundry symbol
  1. Select the right detergent: Many people grab the one that has a low price tag in the supermarket. But does it help you in any way? Experts say that detergent plays an important role in laundry. So you need to choose the one that meets all laundry needs.
Select the right detergent

Powdered detergents are relatively less expensive and may work well for general loads. However, they don’t always dissolve the right way in the cold water and end up leaving a lot of residues.

Liquid detergents contain enzymes that are good for treating stains. However, scanning its ingredients before buying is vital. More the enzymes in the detergent, the better is its cleaning power.

You can also pick tablets, single-dose pods, and packs. They are also convenient and easy to use. But before buying, check if it falls within your budget.

  1. Use less detergent: Overusing the detergent is the biggest laundry mistake. Overdosing your clothes creates a lot of lather and they get trapped inside and deposit in your clothes. So try using half of the recommended amount and see if it works. Increase the amount only if it doesn't.

Using less detergent makes your clothes look better and that way you save a lot of money. Using less detergent can also solve the problem of front-load machines smelling terrible.

Use less detergent
  1. Trace the stains quickly: You need to act quickly on stains. As soon as the stains occur, soak the cloth in cold water and then apply the stain remover. If the stain stays even after the wash, rewash it using the same stain remover. Each stain comes with different techniques to remove them, make sure you use the right one.
Trace the stains quickly
  1. Avoid vibrant colors: Getting your favorite garment colored is a nightmare. If you don’t want to see dyed-effect on your clothes, then the first thing you should learn is about segregating them. In other words, sort your clothes correctly to avoid color blending that gives your clothes a brand new color.

Avoid vibrant colors

If you are not sure if the Garment is colorfast, you take a cotton ball and rub it on the inside corner. If cotton balls absorb the dye, it’s better to hand wash your clothes separately.

  1. Reduce cloth fading: Fading can make clothes look pale and dull. The best way to avoid abrasion would be to turn your clothes inside out. This way you can keep your black clothes black and white clothes white.
Reduce cloth fading
  1. Avoid stretching your clothes: Clothes shrinking and stretching not only depends on their content and type, but it also depends on how you wash them. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is by using a cold water setting and avoiding hot clothes dryers.
Avoid stretching your clothes
  1. Get the temperature right: If you see your shirt turning grey, then it may be because you are keeping the water temperature too low or you are mixing them with dirt-filled clothes that are successfully transforming their dirt. To avoid this happening, soak muddy clothes in the water before moving them to the machine.
Get the temperature right
  1. Reduce wrinkles: To avoid fabric wrinkles, use a fabric softener or dryer sheet. Select the lowest setting to get the job done. When the clothes are dry, remove the clothing immediately.
Reduce wrinkles
  1. Be careful with delicate garments: To keep bras and other undergarments in shape, wash them with hands in cool water. If you want to use the washer, then throw them in a mesh lingerie bag and use the delicate cycle.
Be careful with delicate garments
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