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The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making While Decorating Your Home

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making While Decorating Your Home

Often we can all go the fantasy route while decorating our homes! We discard all practical notions of reality and opt for the dream lifestyle and home decor we would ‘like’ to have! Well, we’ve all been there and done that at one point or another, nothing to fret about! Decorating Your Home can be overwhelming; even designers can go crazy when doing their own homes!

Your home must be a place you want to come back to after a day or month outside! But, some common design mistakes make your home seem alien and unwelcoming! That’s where we come in!

Here are the most common mistakes while home decorating and some ways to quickly improve them: 

Mistake #1: Buying Off-Sized Decor

Take a reiki of your room! Note the height and other dimensions. While going out to buy home decor items like paintings, vases, chairs, or wall hangings, people make the mistake of either buying overly large pieces or going so small that the naked eye has to take an eye-shot! Many designers consider this a cardinal sin. Make it a mix and match of sizes. If everything's the same size or way out of proportion with one another, the home feels like a museum. But even museums are tastefully decorated!

THE FIX: Imagine your room/ space like an open city street. Cross-reference all the sizes on your favorite road and use the same analogy for design placements and decor sizes!

Buying Off-Sized Decor

If you have a nice-sized coffee table, place an incense burner waterfall mountain for that artsy look!

Mistake #2: Using Dark Furniture In Small Spaces

Even the top interior designers agree that styling dark and heavy-looking furniture in small spaces is a complete no-no! It makes the space look even more cramped-up, restricted, and it starts to feel like the walls are closing in on you too! At first, it may seem like you’re making a harmless choice, but later it dawns on you, and it’s too late to reverse if the investment is large!

THE FIX: Use light-colored and pastel colors for furnishings if you have a smaller space to design. Even lighter fabrics like cotton and linens give it an airy and welcoming feel!

Using Dark Furniture In Small Spaces

Mistake #3: Selecting The Inappropriate Rug Size

If there’s one design flaw that cheapens the look of any place, it’s small rugs for large spaces; aka the living room! If you have a large living room and you have one tiny carpet in the corner or even under one leg of the sofa, you need some design advice ASAP! If you’re planning to place a rug, it should at least cover more than half of the living room area! 

THE FIX: A general rule of thumb is, a rug should at the very least fit under two sofa legs, and we’re talking about a HUGE sofa here! 

Selecting The Inappropriate Rug Size

Mistake #4: Going Crazy After Every Trend 

Industry experts come out with new and improved trends every season! That’s practically over 100 tips a year to catch up on! It is virtually impossible to go after every trend when designing your space! Even the industry experts condemn people for not having enough creativity and following trends! Your home decorating is YOUR project! If it does not include items and elements close to your heart, how can you call it a HOME!?

THE FIX: Follow your heart, seek the right advice from a design professional based on your home’s style and size. Following each trend will leave you broke and your home looking like a circus!

Going Crazy After Every Trend

Mistake #5: Relying On One Light Source

Overhead lighting sources are great if they’re not harsh and don’t make space feel like a prison! Relying on a primary light source is one of the most unaesthetic design flaws that can make even a beautiful space look habituated to sadness. Having harsh lighting sources above one’s head can give you headaches and remove any semblance of peace from your life! Make sure you find lighting at different levels; this can be a considerable improvement.

Make sure you find lighting at different levels; this can be a considerable improvement

THE FIX: Buy various light sources, let’s call it layer lighting, Invest in some budget table lamps, floor lamps, and even some low-rise fashionable bulbs to add a touch of beautiful aesthetic to your space.

Relying On One Light Source

Mistake #6: Buying A Big Dining Table

The idea of having a long dining table that spans the length of your room, with 6-8 chairs, is something everyone wants! It is also one of the most common design flaws, according to designers. Your dining arrangement should make the space feel open and relaxed, not cramped and stuffy! If you have a limited number of people at home, a smaller space, and design restrictions, then a big/larger-than-life dining table is a strict no-no!

THE FIX: Get yourself a round dining table that can include more chairs and add to your home’s space and aesthetic quotient!

Buying A Big Dining Table

Another common mistake people make is not incorporating the right amount of greenery. Taking a potted plant or adding some ferns to a small vase does not do the trick. Make sure you get yourself some aesthetic-looking ferns, succulents, and other flowering potted plants to add to the natural, raw beauty of your home. It is the best way to bring the outdoors inside!

You can also mix up decor styles with this fun guide

Avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll have yourself a home fit for the stars! You will be shocked by how your entire home can change just by discarding or moving around a few pieces. Get some help and make it a day with some fun Pinterest pins, design magazines, and a call to your BFF over a glass of wine to discuss redecorating!

Happy Styling!

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