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Easy Ways To Style Your Bookcase

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Easy Ways To Style Your Bookcase

If every book tells a story, your bookshelf is the living embodiment of your personality. Styling your bookshelf should reflect your reason for having it in the first place. It’s not very hard to find the right style; the problem comes up when we try to overcompensate. Simple and powerful bold moves can often transform your bookshelf into a thing of dreams!

Here are some super simple ways you can style your bookshelf:

Fix The Spot:

Before you go about styling your bookcase, make sure you find the right place for it. Take a proper measure of your room too! You don’t want your bookshelf to overpower everything in the room. You could place two bookshelves next to each other to give it an in-built sort of look, or you could put them on either side of the TV or fireplace. This gives your bookshelf some focus, structure, and a minimalistic look, so you can go a little funky with the styling. 

Fix The Spot

Don’t Clutter: 

If you have a large bookshelf, loads of space, but not that many books, it is a design blessing. This space gives you the open invitation to style your shelf with other decorative items that can provide an excellent balance to your books.An empty metal vase, some mini gold/ silver sculptures/ silhouettes, or even a bonsai can do the trick!

Don’t Clutter

Manage The Color Scheme:

Now we all know books have covers with different colors, and displaying all of them on your bookshelf can only spell one thing: MAYHEM! Professional designers often advise against this overdose of color. Make sure to find two strong color themes, like whites & pinks or blues & yellows, and display only those covers while arranging the books. Your brain will have a constant mental hit if such sharp colors are exposed in the living room all day. It’s a complete win-win if the color scheme is similar to your living room/ bedroom’s color strategy!

Manage The Color Scheme

Play With Proportions: 

No hard and fast design rule says all your books have to go up vertically! You could place some horizontally and notice how it can transform your bookshelf. The best tip is to create a weighted down, grounded bookcase with heavier books on the bottom shelves and lighten up as you go higher. Doing this gives your frame some depth and a feeling of proportion. Let your creativity and ideas take charge and see what you can do! 

Play With Proportions

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Use Meaningful Accessories:

We get so many meaningful gifts and accessories in our lifetime; a bookshelf is a great way to display some of those items! It not only adds to the design aesthetic but also gives your shelf a personalized, emotional mood. The vibe of your bookcase automatically amps up when you include articles close to your head. The best trick to add a feeling to your bookshelf is to add some handmade notes from your loved ones, especially the little ones!

Use Meaningful Accessories

Get Creative:

Now, this part of it can get really fun! It’s a great thing just to go with the flow and rely on your creativity. You should only get your thoughts and feelings in order; the ideas will come flowing in! If you’re stuck in the initial stages. Here are some super quick tips to help get your creative juices flowing; add any of these ideas to the mix: 

  • Add ball-shaped accessories next to some coffee tables.
  • Tray with beautiful artwork. 
  • Tall vase + some rose quartz crystals.
  • Framed hand-painted prints.
  • Decorative jewelry box.
  • Long/ narrow basket. 
  • Gold/ metal decorative objects
  • Leave some space!
  • Paint some shelves in a pop color!

Get Creative


Now that you’ve done the entire shebang- take several steps back and just look at your newly styled bookshelf. It’s never always perfect the first time. Like edits in a movie, you will need to edit all your styling and bring it down to the ideal setting. Something that speaks to you and corresponds to your sense of style. 


Now, doesn’t that sound super simple? Step by step, and you’ll be able to call your bookcase something of your own- a style statement that speaks to you and everyone in the home! If each book weaves a story, your bookcase should be the glue that holds them all together! 

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Happy Styling!

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