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Decor Trends For Every Room: 2021 Edition

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Decor Trends For Every Room: 2021 Edition

Every corner of your home tells a story. Are you paying attention? Improving and decorating your home is no easy task! Coupled with all the ever-changing decor trends, your mind is pulled into a frenzy or mash-up of ideas that ultimately come out wrong! The calm and peace after brainstorming ideas are when you must take your interior styling ideas forward. 

Designing the aesthetic of a place does more than just make it look pretty. It has a calming and enthusiastic effect on your mind! The physicality of every situation presents a metaphysical lesson if we’re listening close enough. Understand your home, and the decor ideas come flowing! 

Here’s are some easy decorating tips and tricks for every room:

The Living Room

Your safe space of community and recreation, a living area, must feel warm, welcome, and inviting. Not just for you, but also for the people you have over! Here are some living room decor trends in 2021:

  • Relaxing Minimalism: Since we’re spending all this time at home, having a cozy, relaxing, and calm living space is ideal. They will be more comfortable than non-utilitarian pieces in minimalistic pastel tones for the win!
  • More Seating: Uncertain times call for more seating at home! We’re at home so much, so it is natural to add to the living room seating options. Add a recliner, and you’ll never want to leave!
  • Strong & Neutral Tones: As we bid goodbye to 2020, pop greens, yellows, greys, and subtle pinks are the top picks for a neutral and robust tone palette. The idea is to add a sense of power and control by balancing strong and minimalist tones in your living room.
  • Impeccable Coffee Table Decor: Got time? Spruce up your coffee table! Add an aromatherapy diffuser or an incense burner waterfall mountain! If you have trouble with setting up the perfect coffee table, check out our blog on how you can improve your coffee table decor:

If you have trouble with setting up the perfect coffee table, check out our blog on how you can improve your coffee table decor:

The Master Bedroom

A space reserved for romance, relaxation, and passion! It’s a haven for either you or the couple to feel safe and loved. Whether self-love or a passionate response, it should be your rescue from the whole world! Here are some fantastic bedroom trends to try in 2021:

  • Bold Lampshades: Adding some statement and bold lampshades to your bedroom is the perfect way to make a strong statement in your bedroom. Choose yellows, reds, or warm colors to retain the same level of passion or added value!
  • Get A Statement Bed: If you’ve been waiting for a bed that is made of dreams, this is the time to change! Invest in a statement bed piece that is the first thing you see when you enter your room! Statement headboards, detailing, and tuffets are a big, bold piece in 2021!
  • Add Elements of Nature: You could add a fun bamboo wallpaper or even bring in natural succulents and planted pots into your bedroom! Add the green element to end the alienation and feel one with nature from the comfort of your bedroom! Bring the outdoors indoor!
  • Grey Is Still BIG: Grey remains one of the BEST colors for the bedroom decor- both wall and bedding! Try to invest in some regal-looking greys and blues for the win! Your bedroom will feel like the perfect royal escape from a crazy world!
The Master Bedroom

The Kids Room

The fun and peppy heartbeat of the room! The Kids Room is the perfect means to add loads of joy and excitement! Your child must feel like his/ her room is the best part of the home! A safe space to learn, enjoy, and grow, here are some kids home decor trends for 2021:

  • Multifunctional Storage & Fun: The ultimate trend for childrens’ rooms will always be storage and fun usage. Get storage/ play cubes that can act as tables or even fold-out couches and mini beds! When it comes to kids, storage & functionality are key!
  • Elements of Nature: Gone are the days when cartoons and animes were painted on kids’ walls! Kids are more self-aware and love nature a whole lot more! Animals from the wild, floral prints, or some bamboo paintings are great kids’ room decor ideas!
  • Teepee Tents: Your child, girl, or boy will love one of these in their room! It is the perfect 2021 decor trend for children that adds a sense of adventure and fun to the room! Your child can cozy up in the tent with some fairy lights, a good book, and a cup of hot cocoa!
  • Polka Dot Wallpaper: Polka dot wallpaper gives your kids’ room an added sense of fun and comical drama! You could also go for some triangles, diamonds, or geometrical shapes for that added edgy yet child-like goodness!

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The Kids Room

The Guest Room

Now, this is one space in the house where you could leave to your design aesthetic! Try something creative, funky, and exciting! Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and make this a space that your guests will never forget! Your space to flaunt your skills is the guest bedroom! Don’t go overboard, but be bold and make it beautiful!

Here are a few pointers:

  • Yellow and grey walls for a modern, luxury look
  • A beautiful decorative animal statue
  • Funky, art-deco storage cabinets
  • Add a mini bar- snack and drinks bar!
  • Include super soft bed linen and towels!
  • Dial up on the paintings and artsy look!
  • Keep fresh flowers
  • Add some potted botanicals/ succulent plants.
The Guest Room

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A cure for every room! We hope this guide gave you the feels and brought you closer to your creative side! Here’s wishing you a happy time creating the space of your dreams! We’ll be back with more fun and exciting tips! Until next time!

Happy Styling!


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