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Chic Hampton Style Ideas For Your Home

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
Chic Hampton Style Ideas For Your Home

Summer homes and the sea breeze are the best way to experience the best of summertime. This combination is sometimes the most sought-after way of living. We can bring the Hamptons interior decor into our homes to fulfill our coastal consciousness with style and luxury for all of us who cannot all live on the seaside. 

Coastal homes have their own challenges living in a humid environment with sea salt and other atmospheric changes. In other words, let’s help you make your existing home into an auspicious reinvention into some easy, fresh, and modern Hamptons style decor:

The Living Room:

What do most Hamptons summer homes have in common? Loads of windows to let the sun and sea breeze come indoors! Every summer home’s living room must reflect the beauty and grace of the ocean and summer sun. The sofas and furniture fabrics should be light cotton, trendy, and state-of-the-art blue and white stripes.

Your living room decor ideas for the coffee table decor can also reflect your creative & trendy sea-sense! You could add a beautiful blue vase with some lovely white daisies, add some swanky cruise-shaped coasters, and make it a natural oceanic beauty! Here are some more ideas for super stylish coffee table decor: Here’s How You Improve Your Coffee Table Decor 

The Living Room

The Bedroom:

Your Hamptons-style nautical bedroom should embody everything you love about the ocean. One spot in the house is that you will be spending more time, so take time and make each decor decision count! The ultimate cr/azy decor idea is to paint on a surfboard and hang it up on your bedroom wall. Go wild with the theme and make it in tune with your bedroom setting.

Use plenty of whites; linen fabrics say ocean too! Get a whole bunch of fluffy pillows and some sand-colored floor mats. You could also hang an anchor, a refurbished one, of course. Make your bedroom an instant hit with fashionable seahorse shells, paintings of the majestic waves, or sea turtle good luck charm for stability!

The Bedroom

The Kitchen:

When it comes to the kitchen, sleek yet comfortable is your go-to nautical option—plenty of whites, from marble countertops to even the furniture. Then, add in colored sea-blue or green accents to amplify the beauty of your favorite beach view. If you have some sea salt and shells, place them on the countertop for that salty beach feel. Your cutlery and dishes can have that sea-theme touch with some starfish-shaped salad bowls or sea prints on plates. 

For the dining area, add in some weathered driftwood or make a surfboard dining table! Youringeniouss creativity is what makes your home into Hampton's wonderland! 

The Kitchen

The Bathroom:

Now here’s where your creativity should really max-out! The bathroom is an integral part of a Hamptons style beach house. You could do a beautiful fusion between a Greece-styled Mediterranean villa and bring in mosaics, blue tiles, and even some while accents! Keep some candles stacked near the bath area to amplify your sense of the so-called sea-side calm! 

The Bathroom

Additional Nautical Decor Tips:

  • Curtains can be of light colors and light fabrics to let that natural light inside.
  • Make sure you’re not overdoing the whole beach house theme. Minimalistic and simple decor decisions are essential to make your Hampton’s style home chic and a classy hit.
  • Lighting: Lights in this kind of house should be soft and delicate. Harsh lighting is never welcome in an ocean styled home. 
  • Shabby-chic floor rugs and mats with geometric or nautical prints in light-medium tone colors are a big hit. DO NOT BUY FUR RUGS!
  • Outdoor patio furniture can be an all-while wonder with beautiful accents of color that you may hand paint yourself. With all that natural sunlight, get yourself a solar water fountain for your birdbath or the pool!

Nautical Decor Tips

Now wasn’t that a breeze? Get yourself started small and then work your way up to bigger nautical-themed design changes. Frequently, just adding a few light fabrics and getting rid of the darkness will do the trick! We hope you get Hampton's style home of your dreams!

Surf's up!

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