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10 Bath Essential that Everyone Should Own

By: :Daisy Mathew 0 comments
10 Bath Essential that Everyone Should Own

We all have that intimate relationship with our washrooms. It’s the haven where we get lost in thoughts. If you are someone who spends too much time in this safe space, then you should consider sprucing it up with bath essentials. 57% of people between age 30 and 59 use bath essentials products everyday.

 Here we have carefully picked some best Bath Essentials that can turn your washroom into a dreamy place. 

We hope that this detailed research on bath essentials delivers you everything that you need from a shower.  These products are sure to enhance your regular bathing experience.

How about getting your hands all colourful with some DIY shower bombs? Read ‘DIY Shower Bombs to Perk Up Your Day!’  To know more. 

#1: Natural Cleaning Products: Owning cleaning products is not just a matter of luxury but also about maintaining the utmost hygiene in a place that has the potential to spread germs. The best thing about natural cleaning products is that they make your bathroom look fresh and great. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to achieve that- just take a spray bottle, add a mixture of vinegar and water and spray it on the walls, tub and do a quick cleaning.

Natural Cleaning Products

This method will eliminate any mildew formation and make your washroom a safe and healthy place.

#2: Showerheads: Many people have trouble dealing with hard water. The drawbacks of hard water are innumerable. It makes your skin and hair dry and pale. Some of the germs in water can make you feel fatigued. That’s not it. Chlorine water can be carcinogenic too.  You can elude all these hard water problems in no time with the help of a showerhead. Showerheads offer the perfect solution to all hard water sufferers. Here are some of its advantages.

  •       You will have healthier skin and hair.
  •       You will get sick less often.
  •       It lowers cancer risk.
  •       It reduces discomfort caused by the showerhead and makes you feel fit.
  •       Removes wrinkles, lines, dehydration.


#3: Good bath towels: Bath towels are just as important as soft water. Therefore, you need to spend a little in this department. Keep a set of a towel so that you can use them in rotation. Coming to its fabric, you can choose soft, absorbent, or fluffy based on your preference. For the most luxurious experience, you can go for Turkish cotton or any type of cotton.

Good bath towels

#4: Lighting: Shower in dark? A big NOO. Light s determines your mood. To set the right mood, all you need is lighting. For a spa-like experience, you can use dimmable light or a candle set up around the room. This will give you a great warm and relaxing experience. Even in colder months, the heated lights give the required warmth. 


#5: Fluffy bath mat: Do not overlook buying a mat that takes your bathroom’s look to the next level. Purchase a mat that complements the floor’s tiles and towel. Rubbing your feet on the comfy mat after a shower is what your feet might need after an exhausting day. It also avoids anyone accidentally slipping on the floor. 

Fluffy bath mat

#6: Shower bombs: Shower bombs have become recent hit products in the US. People can’t restrain themselves from posting on social Media about these colorful bombs. When the shower bombs are thrown into the water, they begin to release a scent that is both aromatic and therapeutic. It soothes your mind and body and gives an enriching shower experience.

Shower bombs

#7: Exfoliator Brush: The dead skin on your body needs regular elimination.  Your shower will be incomplete without them. Spend five minutes brushing your skin before washing it off. After a shower, you will be able to trace the difference. Your skin will be clearer and softer than usual.

Exfoliator Brush

#8: Loofah: Loofah also offers light exfoliation. The kind of quality you are picking makes all the difference.  It should be soft with the capacity to exfoliate your skin. However, make sure you moisturize your skin after stepping out of the washroom as your skin may get dried out after an exfoliation.


#9: Essential oil: Essential oils are a godsend. There’s nothing they can’t do. You can use diffusers, candles or add a few drops in the bathwater. Essential oils can be used for relaxation, invigoration. You can also suffuse the room with its scent. There are varieties of essential oil that come with many healing properties. You can pick the oil as per your mood.

Essential oil

#10: Audio system: We have many bathroom singers in the States. There’s something therapeutic about singing in the shower, humming along with the tunes. If you are someone who breathes music, then setting up an audio system will all be worth it. If you don’t want to spend a lot on an audio system, you can either use an FM radio, a Bluetooth speaker, or a CD player. Some good music is enough to pump you up for the whole day.

Audio system

Investing in bath essentials never goes in vain. Having the right setting gives you an instant boost. Click here to explore different bath essentials.

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